In light of increasing labour shortages across Canada, it has never been more important to offer competitive wages to attract top talent. Companies need to pay attention to their salaries and benefits to be able to find and keep the best talent. 

The Randstad Salary Guide provides information and advice on how to do this, including analysis and trends for the current year, insights on how to address labour shortages, and detailed salary data for hundreds of positions and locations across Canada.

The guide is the best tool for offering competitive salaries and help your company achieve its performance goals, including recruiting top talent. Follow these steps to ensure that  your company is getting the most out of the salary guide, or consider scheduling a meeting with our team to discuss it further:


get the full picture

Keep in mind that not all sectors follow market trends, including increases. Having access to the salary guide in these situations is a strategic added value. Don’t miss this opportunity.


draw up a provisional salary budget

Create a budget for salaries by position and time of year. Make a list of all employees that need to be paid, as well as those that need to be recruited, and when. Find out the rates of pay from the salary guide. 

Calculate the projected costs of adding new positions, including salaries and recruitment costs. Make a business case for the additional expense, showing how increasing the number of current employees or recruiting new ones will generate savings and additional revenue.

Two people having a conversation while sitting down in a lounge environment.
Two people having a conversation while sitting down in a lounge environment.

want to know how salaries will change in 2023 and how to pay your employees fairly? get your copy of our 2023 salary guide.

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evaluate the salaries of your current employees

It is essential to retain experienced staff who can provide mentorship to newer or less experienced employees in order to cope with high turnover rates. To ensure  the success of your organization, make sure that employees’ salaries increase with experience.

In a labour shortage environment, salary increases should not be based solely on inflation, as ambitious and successful employees will know their worth and will go elsewhere if they feel underpaid.


compare the salaries of your employees with the same skills and background

To promote a fair and diverse workplace, it is essential to rethink the pay scale. Compare the salaries of your employees with the same skills and background. Make sure you are paying your employees fairly within each department of your organization.

Consider experience when making comparisons, and be aware that women and people from visible minorities often earn less than their counterparts

Studies have shown that companies with transparent pay scales see increased diversity, innovation, and profitability, regardless of size or industry. 

Our guide can help you compare pay scales and make the best decision for your business.


negotiate the salary of new employees with the right data

If you’re hiring new employees, you’ll need to be prepared to negotiate salaries. Our salary guide can help you understand market trends so you can offer competitive rates. 

Cutting corners on salary may lead to hiring lower-quality candidates who can’t do the job or will accept a better offer as soon as they find one.

Ensure your hiring budget reflects reality, then use our salary guide to determine a salary range you can use to adjust your final offer based on the skills and experience of the successful candidate. 


include salaries in job descriptions

Many employers are reluctant to include salary information for fear of weakening their negotiating position or attracting candidates who are only interested in the money. But a job posting that includes a salary range typically receives more high-quality applications than one without. 

Specifying a salary range upfront makes it easier to negotiate later, depending on the candidate’s experience and skills. Keep in mind that skilled workers know their value in the marketplace and are attracted to positions where the pay is fair. Failing to provide salary information may deter excellent candidates.


implement a consistent salary structure 

You’ve just started your business and are asking yourself what is a fair salary to offer your employees. Our salary guide can help you create a consistent salary structure, ensuring that every employee is paid fairly. 

In the guide, you’ll find salary data based on years of experience, location, and other job-specific elements. Use this information to create your own salary structure.

call in the experts

Now that you have all the data, you can develop a comprehensive compensation budget for your company.

With all this information, you are ready to get your management’s approval to implement your plan or to start the new year on the right foot as a business leader yourself. 

However, if you need help ensuring that your company takes full advantage of this information on salary trends, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of experts. We can help you navigate compensation challenges.

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