The long-term effects of COVID-19 have created a massive labour shortage affecting nearly every region in the country. This problem, on top of the growing skills gap that started long before the pandemic hit, is impeding employers’ abilities to acquire and retain the talent it needs to meet production demands.

At Randstad, we understand the struggles today’s employers face, which is why we focus on developing customized recruitment and workforce management strategies that help organizations overcome the unique challenges their businesses face.


This level of customization is exactly what we recently provided to one of our clients. 

Our Randstad teams recently partnered with a family-owned food processing company in Quebec City. The company was preparing to expand, but it struggled to maintain its current workforce volume, let alone work towards hiring more employees. 

Our teams took the time to identify that one of the company’s major hiring and retention obstacles was integrating immigrant workers into the workplace. The language barrier between management and immigrant workers made integration difficult, which led to higher turnover rates.

We worked with the company to develop a three-pronged approach focused on hiring, onboarding and employee training. It was decided that translating job descriptions and onboarding materials into Spanish and making Spanish-speaking recruiters available could significantly improve the hiring experience for immigrant workers. 

Additionally, the company invested in language training to help its immigrant workers learn French and its supervisors learn Spanish. This investment in new skills helped build loyalty among workers and improve workplace communication. 

In as little as two years, the company was able to see turnover rates shrink and hiring outcomes to improve. Most importantly, the company was finally at a place where it was ready to hire new workers and expand its business. 

Download our case study to learn more about how implementing skills training through a partnership with Randstad helped one company grow its business.

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