As a manager of a large-volume workforce, you already know just how challenging the shift scheduling process is. Not only do you have to ensure all shifts are covered, but you also must make sure you schedule the right workers for the right roles. Just having one or two positions go unfilled could result in production issues. For example, not having enough certified forklift drivers scheduled could create a backlog and cause production delays.

However, between scheduled time off, last-minute callouts and the ongoing labour shortage making sure all shifts are fully staffed can seem nearly impossible. Additionally, the workforce scheduling process can be both tedious and time-consuming, which can take precious time away from other duties. On top of that, many operational managers are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage the shift scheduling process.

While there was a time when Excel spreadsheets were one of the best shift scheduling tools available, this is no longer the case. Today, workforce environments are more complex, compliance regulations are more intricate and production demands are more intense than they were years ago.  Add to this, the shift in workers’ expectations and the lingering effects of COVID-19, such as an increase in last-minute callouts and extended absences. It’s easy to see that Excel spreadsheets are no longer an effective way to manage the shift scheduling process.

Group of colleagues working together two having a conversation
Group of colleagues working together two having a conversation

Fortunately, advancements in technology have spurred the creation of workforce scheduling software. This software can help simplify this process, while also improving overall outcomes. Keep reading to learn more about workforce scheduling software and how it works.

what is workforce scheduling software?

Workforce scheduling software helps to streamline the shift scheduling process by automating many of its tasks, such as:

  • create work schedules
  • track work hours
  • manage shift swaps
  • reconcile timesheets
  • track certifications
  • monitor overtime hours
  • accept time off requests

Managers can use this software to track workers' hours and ensure all shift positions are filled. Workers, on the other hand, are able to check their schedules and see if their time off requests have been approved.

As the employer, you are able to set the rules and parameters within the platform that best meet the needs of your company. For instance, if a certain role requires a specific skill set or qualification, this software can prevent you from scheduling an unqualified worker for that role. Cloud-based workforce scheduling software also gives you access to this data anywhere, at any time and from any device.

benefits of utilizing workforce scheduling software

There are a number of great benefits to using workforce scheduling software, such as our Relevate Schedule platform, including:

save time and money

When managing a large volume workforce, recruitment and onboarding costs can quickly add up and cut into the company’s bottom line. Workforce planning can help reduce some of these costs. First, our Relevate Schedule app can help to reduce both absenteeism and tardiness by allowing your contingent workforce to set their own availability hours and select the shifts that work best for them.

Secondly, you can reduce production shutdowns and delays by ensuring all shifts are filled with the right workers. Finally, workforce planning can improve hiring outcomes. Hiring the right workers, the first time around can help your company save money on overall recruitment costs.

With our software in place, your company can not only save money, but you can save time as well. By allowing your dedicated on-site account specialists to handle many of the day-to-day tasks, your managers can focus more time on other operational and workforce management duties.

minimize errors

Our workforce scheduling software can also help your company reduce the risk of costly errors. For example, our software can be set to only allow workers with specific qualifications to sign up for certain roles. This means that not only can we help you fill every shift, but we can ensure the right workers are in the right roles.

Our software also tracks workers’ hours, so you can monitor overtime hours for any given shift or individual worker. Additionally, our scheduling app can track your employees’ qualifications and completion of required trainings, including safety training. This can ensure your company remains in compliance, even when managing a large volume workforce.

improved communication

Another important benefit of our Relevate Workforce Schedule app is that it can improve communication between workers and management. Not only can your on-site account specialist work as a liaison between management and contingent workers but our app also provides managers with real-time access to workforce data.

Whether your management team wants to check overtime hours, see a specific worker’s qualifications or ensure a shift is filled properly, they can do so from our app at any time, anywhere and from any device. Likewise, workers can view their schedules, set their availability and request time off right through the scheduling software.

relevate workforce schedule

Our Randstad Relevate Workforce Schedule platform can help your company simplify the shift scheduling process no matter how large or small your workforce is. Our innovative software is not a standalone product, but rather a complimentary part of our Randstad Inhouse Services. These services are ideal for companies managing a large flexible workforce, including those with a large volume of contingent workers.

Our workforce scheduling software makes monitoring and scheduling workers’ hours quick and easy. In fact, your teams can have 24/7 access to our Randstad Relevate Workforce Schedule platform through any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. This instant access allows you to ensure all shifts are covered, track work hours and monitor overtime.

As part of our Randstad Inhouse Services, your organization has access to a dedicated on-site account specialist. This account manager can not only implement and manage the Relevate Workforce Schedule platform for you, but they can also handle the entire shift scheduling process. Additionally, our on-site account specialist can handle many other day-to-day tasks of managing a large contingent workforce, including recruitment, onboarding and training.  

While our on-site account specialists can handle the shift scheduling process, your managers still have access to view and track workers’ schedules 24/7. It’s the unique combination of 'tech and touch' that makes our shift scheduling solutions really stand out and provide greater value to employers.

As with all our services, our Randstad Inhouse Services are completely customizable, allowing you to determine which aspects of the workforce management process you want our teams to handle and which tasks you want to keep in-house. We’ll even work directly with you to determine if our Relevate Workforce Schedule is the right tool for your company.

how does relevate workforce schedule work?

An added benefit of our Relevate Workforce Schedule platform is that it’s easy to implement and manage. Using the following six-step approach ensures that you’re maximizing its use so it can bring real value to your organization.

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