Diversity and inclusion start with leaders. D&I is more than just about being good for business. It's about driving lasting change and building confidence in your workplace. At the fundamental level, companies with more diverse leadership and employees are more creative and outperform their competition, ultimately leading to increased revenue. In addition, a diversity and inclusion plan creates a genuinely authentic and inclusive workplace culture for all, where employees can grow and thrive. With a bit of work, you can foster an environment where everyone feels like they belong.


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Knowing how your current staff feels about the diversity and inclusion in your workplace is the first step to finding out what is going well and what is happening that's less than favorable. From here, you'll be able to gauge the missing links in your diversity & inclusion strategy. Getting feedback from all levels of your company, from management to employees, will bring your team together, all while you gain valuable insights. 

Now that you've taken the company's pulse, you can start aligning yourself with a diversity and inclusion plan. 

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We live in a diverse and inclusive society, and your employees expect that to be represented within their workplace. Including a diversity and inclusion plan as part of your employer brand, you'll be able to create a workplace environment that supports and fosters inclusion. Being inclusive will ultimately leave your employees feeling like they have a bright future at your company. 

Canadian employers are falling behind on inclusivity training. Now is the time to shift your company’s thinking when it comes to diversity and inclusion training.

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Diversity and inclusion training is all about taking charge and holding yourself accountable. Be proactive by scheduling training sessions with your staff. Diversity and inclusion training should be ongoing rather than a one-time training session. In the wake of all of the social inequalities and injustices that we've witnessed recently, employees and investors are paying attention to companies prioritizing diversity and inclusion. Ensure that your company follows suit and implements a diversity and inclusion plan into your workplace, as it benefits everyone within the organization and beyond. 

True diversity and inclusion practices encourage learning from others and reflecting on the experiences and realities of the communities your business operates within. Learn through this diversity and inclusion guide about moving your business in the right direction. You'll find ways to take a step-by-step approach to build and plan out your diversity and inclusion strategy, and Randstad Canada can help you every step of the way.


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