According to a recent survey, global executives rank supply chain disruptions as one of the top challenges facing their businesses today. This comes as no surprise since supply chain shortages have impacted nearly every industry across the globe. In an effort to avoid, or at least minimize, future disturbances in the supply chain process, businesses are building strategies for developing strong and agile supply chain networks.

Our Randstad HR solutions can help you reach this goal. In fact, the first step to building a strong supply chain process is to ensure your company acquires the right skills and has the right talent in place. Let’s start by taking a closer look at the factors occurring during today’s global pandemic and then discuss the various ways our Randstad HR services can help your company navigate the supply chain crisis.

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factors driving the current supply chain disruptions

Certainly, the global pandemic brought to light just how fragile the global supply chain is. But, the pandemic alone didn’t cause the supply chain crisis, and it’s not the reason this crisis continues to plague companies across the globe.

Today, many supply chain processes are extremely complex and rely on a network of suppliers, distributors and logistics to keep everything in sync. Just one supply chain disruption can cause a ripple effect throughout the supply chain process involving not just your company but also impacting all businesses within the network. For example, the shortage of semiconductor chips cost the automotive industry more than $110 billion and affected everyone from auto manufacturers to car dealerships to consumers.

Several factors are causing instability in the supply chain industry, including:

how randstad’s HR solutions can help

The first step companies can take to mitigate these supply chain disruptions is to build a strong talent strategy and develop an efficient recruitment process that can respond quickly to today’s volatile environment. Our Randstad HR services can help your company achieve just that. Here’s a look at just some of the ways a partnership with Randstad can improve talent outcomes for your company.

securing talent fast

As a Randstad HR solutions partner, you have instant access to our network of prescreened candidates. Our skilled recruitment team can work directly with your company to identify candidates within our network who have the specific skills and experience you require. Although we have an extensive network of talented candidates, there are times when we can’t find the necessary skills within our talent pool. In these cases, we utilize a robust recruitment strategy to attract, engage and acquire the talent your company needs.

As with most of our Randstad services, our HR solutions are completely customizable. Your company can choose exactly what aspects of the recruitment process you want our teams to handle. For example, we can begin the engagement process and screen the candidates, and then your company can conduct interviews for its top picks. On the other hand, we can handle the entire recruitment process from start to finish, including onboarding and training. You choose and we deliver.

No matter what services your company needs, our teams at Randstad can help you hire faster and better. With the right team in place, your organization can put your supply chain strategies into action.

acquiring the right digital skills

Developing a strong and agile supply chain strategy requires having the right skills in place. This factor is especially true when it comes to digital and more technical  skills. Not only has the ongoing labor shortage made it difficult for employers to attract quality candidates, but the growing skills gap is making it harder to find applicants with these highly sought-after digital and/or technical skills.

Thanks to our comprehensive pre screening process, our teams at Randstad can connect you to applicants with the skills your company needs. Our HR solutions take the guesswork out of finding candidates with the desired skills, which can give you an edge over your competition. We work with your company to determine the specific skill set you need not only for today but for the future. We then sift through our extensive talent pool to identify candidates with the right skills.

streamline the HR process

With today’s tight job market, time is not on your side. Employers can no longer hesitate when making job offers. Just a day or two delay in choosing the right candidate could mean the difference between hiring the worker you want and settling for your second, or even third, choice. Adding automation to the recruitment process can minimize these obstacles and enable your company to achieve greater hiring results.

download case study about how to help companies navigate volatile times.

download case study

Randstad Relevate solutions helps to automate the HR process so your company can hire faster without jeopardizing quality-of-hire. Our Randstad Relevate platform offers many benefits, such as:

  • relevate talent search: Relevate Talent Search gives you immediate access to our large talent pool of prescreened talent. All you need to do is answer a few questions, and our innovative platform can connect you to candidates with the right skills.
  • relevate match: We realize that finding talent with the right skills is only half the battle. Our Relevate Match helps you find candidates who are the right fit for your company, such as job fit, boss fit and culture fit.
  • relevate reference: Obtaining candidate references can be tedious and time-consuming, but thanks to our Relevate Reference platform, this process is fully automated. You get the reference insights you need to make sound hiring decisions without wasting time.
  • relevate salary insights: Considering today’s highly competitive job market, making an offer with the right compensation package is crucial. Our Relevate Salary Insights allows your company to make job offers that align with industry standards.
  • relevate HR portal: Our Relevate HR Portal helps to keep all this vital information in one convenient location so you can make informed hiring decisions.

invest in randstad inhouse services

At Randstad, we know the time and effort it takes to run a business and manage an HR department. We know you need to focus on your core business and not trying to find time to conduct everything  involved with recruitment and workforce management. At the same time, people management is more and more important, the key for the success of your business. . Our Randstad Inhouse Services can help to ease some of this pressure by handling many of the day-to-day recruitment and scheduling tasks for you and at the same time optimizing the talent  lifecycle..

Our Randstad Inhouse Services are ideal for companies with high-volume recruitment needs, such as hiring temporary or contingent workers. We can manage all aspects of the recruitment process, such as posting job openings, screening candidates, scheduling and conducting interviews, onboarding and training. We can even take care of the shift scheduling process for you. Besides the administrative support, you also have a team of experts that continuously optimize the service and are ready to answer a volatile market.  

Best of all, these services are tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. You determine which aspects of the recruitment and scheduling process you want our team to handle and which aspects you want to keep in-house. Randstad Inhouse Services can help your company improve the quality-of-hire and shorten the time-to-hire while realizing cost savings at the same time.

Learn more about how our Randstad HR solutions can help your company survive a crisis by downloading our case study that shows how we helped a company navigate in the global crisis.

download case study about how to help companies navigate volatile times.

download case study

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