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Heavy duty mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of industrial equipment and machinery. Working for a single organization or as part of a mechanic company, you will provide upkeep and preventative care to equipment.

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As a heavy duty mechanic, you make sure all equipment meets provincial and federal safety standards. You will troubleshoot, make repairs, and install new parts as needed. Most heavy duty mechanics work in a team, often in a manufacturing facility setting. If you are a good team player, an experienced mechanic, and have a drive to be successful, contact Randstad Canada today to explore your opportunities in your area.

electro mechanic jobs in canada

what heavy duty mechanic jobs entail

Heavy duty mechanics tend to work in an industrial plant setting, often with a team of mechanics. You will spend most of your time working on your feet and in potentially dangerous situations. Abiding by health and safety rules is very important. You will work shifts. Shift times will vary based on your company schedule. Evenings and weekends are common for this role. You will report to a lead mechanic or facility manager.

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average heavy duty mechanic salaries

The average annual salary for a heavy duty mechanic working in Canada is about $70,000 per year. At the low end of the salary scale, you can make just over $40,000 per year. At the top end of the salary scale, you can make more than $100,000 annually. Years of experience working in the field and troubleshooting skills can help increase your earning potential. Performance bonuses are often included in your compensation package. Location can also play a factor in your earning potential.

salaries across canada

  • toronto heavy duty mechanic salary

    $24.90 - $36.00 per hour

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  • vancouver heavy duty mechanic salary

    $25.50 - $36.70 per hour

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  • montreal heavy duty mechanic salary

    $23.50 - $34.00 per hour

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  • calgary heavy duty mechanic salary

    $25.80 - $37.10 per hour

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electro mechanic jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

No two days are ever the same. Your day-to-day tasks will vary based on what requires attention, breakdowns, and priorities. Therefore, you will work on repair, maintenance, and many other tasks on any given day. Here are some of the responsibilities that will be included in your job description:

  • maintain a variety of heavy equipment
  • maintain mechanic tools
  • troubleshoot mechanical issues
  • complete preventative maintenance
  • read and interpret technical manuals
  • stay up to date with new mechanical technologies
electro mechanic jobs in canada

where you can work

Heavy duty mechanics can work for many types of companies in many industries, including farming, manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, railways, and any other organization that uses heavy machinery. You can work for a mechanic company, a government agency, or work directly for an organization. Some heavy duty mechanics also work as contractors or are self-employed. Jobs in this field are available across the country, usually in regions with lots of farming or manufacturing. Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and across Ontario offer many opportunities.

heavy duty mechanic jobs

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what you bring to the table

Heavy duty mechanics are skilled at working with and repairing many types of equipment. Some of the skills and abilities companies are look for when hiring heavy duty mechanics include:

  • manual dexterity
  • ability to lift more than 50 pounds
  • skilled at working with a variety of tools
  • exceptional troubleshooting skills
  • ability to think outside the box
  • ability to read technical manuals
  • a strong team player
  • strong communication skills
  • good time management
  • strong attention to detail
  • good physical endurance

training and certifications

Most heavy duty mechanic roles require a minimum of a high school diploma. Some companies require you have a college diploma in some form of mechanics. An apprenticeship and industry experience is a main requirement. You will also be required to obtain a license that allows you to operate industrial equipment. Additional training and verification may be required for certain roles.

where your career is headed

Heavy duty mechanics have a strong background in mechanical repair. Many work as heavy duty mechanics for the majority of their careers, moving into supervisory or management roles later in their career. There are also many similar roles you could pursue, including millwright, heavy duty technician, heavy duty mechanic, diesel mechanic, and other specialized mechanical trades.

Are you an experienced mechanic? Looking to break into the world of heavy duty mechanics? Contact Randstad Canada today to boost your job search. We can help you find mechanic roles that match your skill set and career aspirations.

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