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what human forward means to us

We live in a post-digital age, an era of constant technological change, transforming rapidly the way we live, work and relate to each other. Technology has become an everyday component in our lives; it is the invisible engine that powers the world around us. In a 24/7 economy, clients have different needs. The way they work is changing and this also influences the skills and talent they need. New, digital HR solutions and tools are disrupting our market by drastically changing the way people connect to jobs and the role we play in this space. Clients and candidates expect to be served anywhere, anytime, and through any device, in a way we never imagined possible before, influencing the way we work.

Where others brace for disruption, we see underlying continuity. Our ongoing journey is not just about digital transformation. While innovative technology will be necessary for connecting clients and candidates in the future, improving our tools is not the end of the story. Offering a seamless digital experience is only the price of entry – what matters most and will have a greater impact than ever before is our unique added value: the human touch we bring to the table. In a fast changing digital world clients and candidates want a trusted human partner. It is here, at the intersection between technology and humanity, where we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors by delivering a true human experience.

what it means to job seekers

In a world ruled by technology, we know it's the human side that has the most impact. A job is a crucial component of a candidate's life. Our aim is to help every person reach their potential by finding work that's the right fit for their skills and strengths.

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what it means to employers

We know that real connections are not made up of data and algorithms. They're made up of people. We make a difference in our clients' lives by connecting them with candidates who have the talent and ambition to drive their business forward.

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what it means to randstad

Empathy. Intuition. Instinct. These qualities have defined Randstad from the beginning. With these qualities in our hearts and minds, we're able to support all our employees and push them to be their best selves.

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