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IT manager jobs are an important leadership role within a company’s information technologies team. IT manager jobs involve monitoring a company’s technology infrastructure, data security, and ensuring that day-to-day IT operations are in line with overall corporate objectives.

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IT manager jobs

about IT managers

IT managers direct IT projects, supervise other IT professionals and interns, and manage the selection, configuration, testing, and implementation of IT systems, policies and procedures. IT managers conduct regular reviews and reports regarding their team’s activities, making suggestions on how to improve in the future, and noting how their efforts fit within the broader framework of company objectives and strategy.

what IT manager jobs entail

IT managers will typically work standard 9 to 5 hours, from Monday to Friday. Some IT manager jobs may have flexible hours in the event that issues arise with the company’s network or technologies. Depending on the size and structure of the organization, IT managers may report to a senior manager or directly to the CIO of a company.

IT manager salaries in canada

IT manager jobs are well paying across Canada. Whether you’re just joining a company or have been with your employer for several years, IT managers can expect to earn a respectable salary that will only increase over time. Starting salaries are around $95,000 per year, while senior IT managers can expect to earn as much as $161,800 per year.

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your day to day tasks

IT manager jobs come with a variety of responsibilities. In addition to directing and guiding IT projects and supporting IT staff, IT managers:

  • provide suitable IT infrastructure
  • monitor and enhance security
  • configure, test, and deploy systems
  • identify IT weaknesses and address them
  • establish business/technology strategy/plans
  • handle technologies budgeting
  • manage all IT services, programs and tech support
  • manage hardware and software purchases
  • conduct regular reports regarding IT activities

where you can work

IT manager jobs are in demand across Canada, especially in cities with growing technologies sectors. The majority of IT manager jobs are available in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, although any city with a burgeoning technology or business sector will have need for IT managers to handle and lead their technologies teams. Some industries that are currently hiring IT managers include software development companies, construction companies, and tool manufacturers.

IT manager jobs in canada

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what you bring to the table

IT managers need to have a lot of experience and numerous skills to the job. Some of the skills they are expected to have include:

  • knowledge of programming
  • knowledge of network systems, operating systems and server architecture
  • server administration skills
  • experience with cloud infrastructure
  • able to manage personnel
  • experience with CRM software
  • experience with wifi, VPN and password management

training and certifications

IT manager jobs require a large amount of experience and training. Candidates typically require 5-10 years of senior-level IT experience before being considered for the role. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field is a requirement, and sometimes a master’s degree may be required. Having certifications in IT-related software such as Microsoft, VMware, or SANs is often preferred, as are certifications in management, cyber security, and AWS.

where your career is headed

IT managers are among the most senior personnel in an information technologies team. They are in charge of IT projects, implementing new technologies, and deciding what hardware and software to purchase and making sure that IT activities meet company objectives and are within budget expectations. IT managers are expected to be up to date with industry technology trends and to update their skills on the job so they can address issues with new technologies as they arise. With time, IT managers may end up becoming senior IT managers, IT directors, or even CIOs.

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