accounting assistant jobs

accounting assistant jobs

Accounting Assistants who provide accounting and clerical support in for-profit and non-profit settings are in demand throughout Canada. Skills, training, and experience can open the door to bright future.

accounting assistant jobs

accountant assistant job description

Work realities:
Accounting Assistants, who often have at least an accounting certificate, process financial records such as bills, invoices, accounts payable and receivable, and more. In smaller companies, they may also perform many other administrative or clerical duties as part of their job, while in large companies, functions tend to be separated. They usually have nine-to-five schedule, with overtime often required.

Like Accounting Clerks, Accounting Assistants prepare financial documents such invoices, bills, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchase orders, payroll, reports, and other financial records for entry into computer software. They also do bank reconciliations and assist in the preparation of budgets and reports.

Future possibilities:
Accounting Assistants can eventually become supervisors or managers, specialise in areas such as payroll, administration, collection, or other industry-specific jobs, or obtain additional education and certification as professional accountants.

Accounting Assistant positions require math aptitude, proficiency in office and accounting software, and excellent technical skills in various accounting functions. Since Accounting Assistants may deal with customers as well as other staff members, they need excellent communication skills.

required skills and training

Accounting Assistants can obtain entry-level jobs with a certificate or a high school diploma plus some additional training. Some positions may require a university degree.

Since many Accounting Assistants are assigned a particular function (i.e., accounts payable, journal entries, bank reconciliations), they need one or more years of experience in that specific area.

Skills and Certifications:
Accounting Assistants often need to be bondable. Competence in office productivity and accounting software and various accounting functions is needed for most paying jobs. Proficiency in both English and French is a plus.

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