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mobile devloper jobs in canada
mobile developer jobs in canada
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everything you need to know about mobile developer jobs

You are a software developer who focuses your skills on building solutions for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems you work with, as together they make up over 90% of the market. You may choose to specialize as an Android developer, an iOS developer, or work on both.

You're most likely employed by a tech company, but you may choose to work independently and sell your mobile solutions to major companies. You develop new apps, maintain and update old ones, or develop web-based solutions optimized for mobile devices.

As a mobile developer, it's a given that you're tech-savvy. You're an expert in everything tech and are always one step ahead of mobile trends.

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mobile developer salaries in canada

average mobile developer salaries in canada

Like most skilled tech jobs, mobile developer jobs are hot at the moment, and the compensation reflects this demand. In most Canadian markets, mobile developers salaries start around $70,000. With a handful of years of experience, mobile developer salaries can climb into the six-figure range.

Mobile developers are in high demand, particularly in major city centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. The one notable exception is in Montreal. Mobile developer salaries in Montreal are slightly lower than the national average.



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what mobile developer jobs entail

Mobile developer jobs require long hours of work at a desk or computer workstation. As a result, you probably work in an office setting, but have the option of working virtually. You may choose to specialize as an Android developer, an iOS developer, or do more generally as a mobile developer.

Work hours can be irregular but this means they are also flexible. Generally, you average between 40 and 50 work hours per week. As a mobile developer, you are often required to work additional hours to solve issues with the mobile apps you work on, or to meet deadlines.

You most likely report to someone in your company's IT department, probably the IT manager. Many of your colleagues are self-employed, independent contractors in both public and private sectors.

your day to day tasks

Your role is important to your company's marketing strategy. You help build apps that allow your company to reach, interact, and do business with the public. Your role as a mobile developer includes coding, prototyping, deploying and supporting mobile applications that enhance your company's digital presence.

Your duties as a mobile developer will include things like:

  • writing code for mobile applications or programs
  • testing, debugging and implementing mobile applications
  • modifying existing mobile applications as needed
  • helping solve user issues
  • customizing mobile applications
  • researching and evaluating potential mobile products

where you can work

Mobile developer jobs are found in many different verticals, most notably information technology. However, with mobile web traffic outpacing desktop traffic, other industries are scrambling to stay one step ahead and offer their customers strategic mobile solutions. As a result, other industries such as banking and finance, manufacturing, government, healthcare and business are seeking experienced mobile developers (in particular Android developers and iOS developers) who can create strategic apps that will help them connect with and offer their services to the mobile majority.

The highest demand for mobile developers is in major city centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Companies in these markets offer fiercely competitive mobile developer salaries in order to secure the best and most qualified talent. To leverage your experience as a mobile developer, moving to one of these competitive markets may be in your best interest.

what you bring to the table

To thrive as a mobile developer, you need to have the right attitude and skills. You must be extremely tech savvy and comfortable with mobile devices. You should also have a solid understanding of different mobile operating systems, in particular, Android and iOS, which are run on over 90% of mobile devices.

Some skills that will serve you well as a mobile developer include:

  • in-depth knowledge of coding languages
  • an ability to problem-solve and troubleshoot
  • enthusiasm and creativity
  • a focus on creating new and exciting solutions
  • understanding what customers need and want
  • experience with elements of UI/UX
  • staying ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile trends
  • constantly updating your skills and programming knowledge

As a mobile developer, your primary job is to create mobile applications that serve the needs of both your company and their customers. You must understand what your target looks for in an app and deliver a solution that runs smoothly and is graphically pleasing.

training and certifications

Most mobile developer jobs require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT or a related field. In some cases, coding experience may be enough to secure a mobile developer job, particularly if you choose to work as a freelancer or create mobile apps and sell finished products to companies.

Most mobile developer jobs will require prior experience with key mobile development languages such as Java, C++, C# for Android developers, and Objective-C, and Swift for iOS developers. If you're developing browser-based mobile solutions, HTML5 is also an asset. You can obtain numerous certifications that will verify your experience and expertise in these coding languages.

where your career is headed

The mobile application industry is relatively new and booming. The demand for expert programmers is high, and companies are willing to compete to secure top Android developers and iOS developers that will help them stay competitive and meet, anticipate, and exceed customer demand. Many software developersjava developers and software engineers are transitioning into mobile application development because the market is so hot.

Beyond growing into senior developer jobs, with the right skills and experience you can also advance into management roles in IT, though some mobile developers find with enough experience and proven success, they're able to strike out on their own and secure consistent work as a consultant or freelancer. This allows you the freedom of working at your own pace and setting your own schedule and choose projects that interest you.


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