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mobile developer (iOS, Android) jobs

If you’re a Mobile Developer (iOS, Android), you’re a software engineer who develops new applications specifically for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, PDAs). Your employer is generally a technology company but you can also work independently and sell your applications to major companies. You develop new programs for existing platforms as well as develop ideas for platforms that have not yet been produced.

mobile (iOS, Android) developer jobs

mobile developer (iOS, Android) job description

Your role is important to a tech company’s strategic plan and is a big piece of its marketing strategy. Your role includes developing, prototyping, deploying and supporting mobile enterprise applications. 

Your duties vary widely, and include writing computer programs or software packages, testing, debugging and implementing software packages, software applications, operating software, and communications software. You modify existing systems as needed, help solve user issues and customize mobile applications. At times you may be asked to research and evaluate potential products.

You work in an office setting but you often work virtually. Your job generally requires long hours of work using a computer and keyboard at a desk or work station. Work hours can be irregular as well as flexible, generally averaging from 40 to 50 hours weekly. Often this role is required to work additional and "off" hours to solve issues and/or meet deadlines 24 hours a day.

As a Mobile Developer, you’ll report most often to an IT Manager, but it can vary from company to company. Many of your colleagues are self-employed independent contractors in both public and private sectors.

future possibilities

The mobile application industry is relatively new and booming. That means that the demand for strong programmers is high and companies are competing to hire qualified developers to help them stay competitive and meet, anticipate or exceed consumer demand. Many computer program developers are transitioning to mobile application development.

With experience, your role can grow into a senior level developer position and potentially reach department manager positions. With advanced education, there’s potential for senior management roles in IT.

As a successful Mobile Developer, yo have a broad skill set along with knowledge and experience of sophisticated programming languages. You’re continually ready and able to update your skill sets as technology continues to create changes in the computer industry. The more specialized experience you have, the better your job and salary prospects are.

required skills and training

To thrive as a Mobile Developer, you need to have the right attitude and skills:

  • technically skilled
  • able to write programs that work
  • energetic
  • creative
  • enthusiastic
  • focused on creating customer-based products that are user-friendly and graphically engaging

Successful Mobile Developers can work independently, while being a contributing member of a team, have excellent communication skills and are reliable and entrepreneurial.

With enough experience, you can qualify for the designation of Information Systems Professional (ISP) through the Canadian Information Processing Society. Certifications in specific computer languages are also available.

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