software developer jobs

software developer jobs

If you’re a Software Developer (sometimes referred to as a Software Engineer), you develop applications that allow certain tasks to be performed on computers or other devices. Or you may develop or customize the systems that run devices or control networks.

Typically, you work in an office environment on a full-time basis. Occasionally, you may be called on to work overtime. Typically, you report to someone in an IT capacity. However, there are Software Engineering jobs in middle management that necessitate that the Software Developer not only report to IT colleagues, but also to colleagues in other departments, such as Sales and Marketing.

software developer jobs

software developer job description

In general, you work at a computer for most of the day creating software code for a variety of practical uses. You could work on a number of projects, which might include creating software systems, designing mobile apps, creating a project from the ground up, working on bettering an existing project, modifying an existing product, testing software and debugging programs. Maintenance of all projects may also be required depending upon the position you hold in your particular organization.

As a Software Developer, you may:

  • design software and simulations
  • write, modify and debug software
  • test and document software
  • write code to create applications
  • participate in software release and post-release activities

future possibilities

Opportunities for experienced Software Developers are plentiful and show no sign of slowing down, given the increasing focus on computers and mobile devices in both private and public sector organizations. By increasing their competencies and credentials, Software Developers can enjoy promotion to more high-level senior roles as Software Engineers, Architects, Managers and Developers. This is generally a higher-paying career in IT, particularly for those specialists with the credentials to work on proprietary software. The median salary range for Software Developer jobs hovers close to $90,000 annually.

required skills

As a Software Developer, you need a combination of technical know-how and creativity, along with:

  • good knowledge of software and programming languages.
  • logic, problem solving and analytic capabilities
  • the ability to learn quickly.
  • the ability to interpret and follow technical plans.
  • a creative approach to problem-solving.
  • an understanding of development processes like 'Agile'
  • excellent communication and people skills
  • ability to work on a team


A degree in software engineering, computer science, IT or another similar areas is usually required, along with relevant work experience. Experience is essential to career growth and development. Some employers might require that you gain extra credentials and skills.

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