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software developer jobs in canada
software developer jobs in canada
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everything you need to know about becoming a software developer

As a software developer (sometimes used interchangeably with software engineer or software programmer), you develop software, programs and applications that allow a variety of tasks to be performed on computers or other devices. Alternatively, you may develop or customize the systems that run devices or control networks.

You're most likely employed by a tech company, but you may choose to work independently or in another vertical that requires custom software. As a software developer, it goes without saying that you're tech-savvy. You're an expert in everything tech and probably know a handful of popular programming languages such as Java, C, C++ and C#.

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average software developer salaries in canada

Like most skilled tech jobs, software developer jobs are hot at the moment. As a software developer, you should be able to make a starting salary in the mid $50,000 range or higher in most Canadian markets. As with many tech jobs, Montreal is an exception; IT salaries tend to trail behind the national average.

You will find that software developer salaries rise quickly as you gain experience. A software developer with a handful of years experience should be able to secure a salary in the $70,000 range. Highly skilled and experienced software developers can see their salaries climb into the high five figures.



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what software developer jobs entail

Most software developer jobs will require you to work full-time at a computer workstation in an office environment. Occasionally, you may be called on to work overtime in order to meet deadlines for particular software development projects.

You probably report to a supervisor or manager in your company's IT department, such as a senior project manager, IT project manager, or even IT executives. Occasionally, you may be required to report to or collaborate with coworkers other departments, such as sales or marketing, particularly if the project you are working on affects their work.

your day to day tasks

You're at a computer for most of your day, creating or modifying software code for a variety of practical uses. You could work on a number of projects, which might include:

  • writing code for applications, programs and other software
  • designing software and simulations
  • developing a software project from the ground up
  • improving or upgrading existing software
  • testing and debugging software and documenting results
  • participating in software release and post-release activities
  • helping solve user issues

Depending on your level of seniority and particular role at your company, you may also be required to manage software development projects and coordinate a team of more junior software developers.

where you can work

Software developer jobs are found in many different verticals, most notably the technology sector. However, with the prominence of technology in all aspects of human life, there are opportunities to be found in other verticals such as banking and finance, healthcare, government, and many others.

The highest demand for software developers is in Canada's city centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Companies in these markets offer fiercely competitive software developer salaries in order to secure the best and most qualified talent. To leverage your experience as a software developer, it may be worth considering a move to one of these cities.

what you bring to the table

As a software developer, your primary function is to create software that serves the needs of your company, their customers, or both. To be a successful software developer, you will need a combination of technical know-how and creativity.

You have the following skills and are able to:

  • code in a variety of programming languages such as Java, C, C++, C# and Python, among others
  • analyze problems and come up with logical solutions
  • learn quickly and adapt to new technology
  • interpret and follow precise technical plans
  • approach problems creatively
  • understand the basics of UX/UI
  • understand and follow development processes
  • work on a team and collaborate with other developers

training and certifications

A four-year degree in software engineering, computer science, IT or a similar field is typically required for most software developer jobs. Some employers will also request relevant work experience. Gaining on the job experience will prove invaluable for your career and is the key to increasing your earning potential.

Most software developer jobs will require some prior experience with key programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and C#. If you plan to specialize in mobile development, Objective-C and Swift are also important for iOS developers. If you're developing browser-based solutions, HTML5 will also an asset. You can obtain numerous certifications that will verify your expertise with these coding languages.

where your career is headed

The demand for expert software programmers is high. As a result, companies are willing to offer very competitive software developer salaries to secure highly qualified talent. Skilled software developers who have experience coding in programming languages such as Java, C, C++ and C# will find there is no shortage of opportunities available to them. As you gain experience in your role, you will also be able to move into senior software developer roles with supervisory and project management components.

Many software developers also opt to specialize in a particular development field in order to hone their skill in a particular area and increase their earning potential. Some career paths software developers transition into include java development, mobile development and software engineering due to the intense demand for their skills in these fields.

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