software engineering jobs

software engineering jobs

As a computer Software Engineer, you combine your knowledge of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis to design, develop, test and evaluate computer software and the systems that allow computers to perform all their applications.

You may be employed in information technology consulting firms, information technology research and development firms, and information technology departments throughout public and private sector organizations.  You may also choose to be self-employed.

software engineer jobs

software engineer job description

In the course of your workday, you:

  • help design and develop business and technical solutions to help support other teams within the company
  • leverage existing software platforms to maximize team members’ abilities
  • maintain and safeguard internal data
  • automate team processes
  • work within a team framework to meet program, project, departmental and company objectives


required skills

As most engineering jobs are team-based, it’s important you have strong communications skills and are comfortable working in a team. You also need to be a strong multi-tasker and be detail oriented.


future possibilities

With computer technology so critical to organizational success and profitability, your employment opportunities are abundant. That said, Software Engineering jobs can often be very niche-specific. For instance, a government position may require that all candidates have previous experience in a government agency. Similarly, an IT Software Engineering job may require that any prospective employees have significant amounts of experience working with very precise software platforms.

Salaries are relatively consistent, with the average in the $70K range. It’s not unusual for Software Engineers with good track records to earn six figures.



Software Engineering jobs usually require that all candidates have at least a B.S. from an accredited university. Some prefer Master’s level credentials. As for experience, some entry-level positions are offered to recent university grads. Many may actually obtain their first jobs through internships or relationships with their school of choice. As Software Engineering professionals advance through their careers, more opportunities open to them based on their experiences as leaders and innovators.


Software Engineering job openings often require other credentials, skills and certifications of prospective candidates. These can include: sales training, ERP understanding, MSDN, and financial backgrounds. Some Software Engineering professionals working in high security areas must already have obtained clearances.


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