Whether you’re a math and numbers type who prefers data and spreadsheets, or a creative soul who thinks in words or pictures, there are some universally transferable skills that apply in every workplace. Transferable skills will help you adapt and flourish in any industry or workplace setting.

transferable skills
transferable skills

Everyone, no matter their chosen career path or industry, should make an effort to adopt these 9 transferable skills:

1. desire to learn

Never lose your curious spark! No matter what your job title or how much you already know, there are still things left for you to learn. Those who absorb knowledge like a sponge are the ones who adapt to changing circumstances and thrive. With this one key skill, you can do just about anything you set your mind to.

2. communication skills

Did your parents scoff at your “wasted” English degree? Well, the joke’s on them because the ability to communicate effectively, written and verbally, is an essential skill that applies to any career. Whether you’re an accountant, a customer service rep or a marketing manager (or anything else) communication is a transferable skill that you’ll count on time and time again.

3. time management

Effectively managing your time is a skill that applies to absolutely any job from line worker to CEO. You work a set amount of hours; being able to maximize your productivity by using them wisely is a skill you can count on to serve you well in any job.

4. resourcefulness

Nothing is more frustrating to a manager than an employee who needs assistance with everything. If you’re resourceful, you’re able to figure out solutions on the fly without constantly turning to management. That’s not to say you don’t ask for help ever, but you’re more likely to take a moment to see if you can figure out a solution for yourself first.

5. creativity

This is a skill we hear used over and over by job seekers. Though many claim to be creative (or it’s sister, innovative) few actually are. Being creative isn’t necessarily about having artistic skill, but instead having a unique perspective and thinking outside the box.

6. positivity

Bringing a sunny disposition to work influences everyone around you. You might think your coworkers don’t notice if you’re having a bad day, but rest assured they do. Positive people who see work on the bright side are more pleasant to be around. More than that, they can boost the atmosphere they work in as a whole.

7. consideration

In line with the previous point, being considerate is applicable in absolutely every workplace. Whether you’re an intern or an exec, being thoughtful of others is a timeless skill that will be returned to you in spade. Rest assured, if you’re considerate to others, they’re more inclined to return the favour.

8. adaptability

The workplace is constantly evolving. Whether it’s adopting to new technology, new staff or new protocols, being able to adjust and roll with the punches is a transferable skill that will serve you will in any industry. In fact, it might just help you switch industries, if you’re looking to transition into something new!

9. listening skills

Being a good listener goes hand in hand with good communication. Truly listening to (not just hearing) what others have to say and taking it into consideration is a transferable skill that you’ll call upon time and again. In fact, we’d argue this is a skill that applicable in just about every area of your life, and not just the workplace.

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