COVID-19 has affected the career plans of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Canadians. Many of us had plans to take a career leap, get a promotion, or achieve other professional objectives. But many of these have gone unfulfilled.

Has the coronavirus put your career on hold? Do you feel like you are stuck in career limbo? The reality is there are many people who are sticking with their current job during COVID-19, even if they are bored, unmotivated or unhappy. It’s understandable why people would be hesitant to make a move right now. However, even though there is a pandemic, there are still a lot of opportunities out there. You may just need to look a little deeper and put in a little more effort to find them. Here are some ways you can avoid getting stuck in career limbo during the pandemic:


don’t stop your job search

Even though it may seem like there are fewer opportunities and the job market is not as fruitful and active as it once was, keep your job search going. Remember, all it takes is the right opportunity to make a change. Stay focused and keep looking. The right opportunity will present itself when the time is right.


The new realities of the post-COVID economy have changed the demand for certain professionals. Companies and industries are shifting to adapt to these changing times. It’s important for you to take a step back and re-evaluate your career objectives. Is your career path still a reality? What adjacent roles might you consider? What do you need to do professionally to ready yourself for new and emerging opportunities post-COVID?

look for opportunities internally

If you are not ready to make a move at this time, it’s okay. But it doesn’t mean you should stop looking to make a career move. Look internally for opportunities. A lot is changing in many companies. New roles, shifting responsibilities, and internal jobs to fill are all possibilities for you to explore. Speak with your boss about available and upcoming opportunities. Make it known you want the chance to do something new within the organization. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask and make it known you are ready for a change.

work on your personal brand

There is always room for improvement. With more people out of work, expect available positions to be competitive. You need to put the best version of yourself forward. So, work on your personal brand. Add new skills, refine your resume, and work on building your online presence on LinkedIn and other industry-specific communities. A strong personal brand can create more awareness and help you expand your professional network.

connect with a recruiter

Not having any luck on your own? Getting some professional advice and assistance may be exactly what you need to reignite your job search. Connect with a recruiter that specializes in your industry. Speak with them about your career objectives and the type of jobs you are seeking. They may be able to connect you with the right company or opportunity.


The pandemic may have slowed down your job search, but it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in career limbo until it changes. Take action, re-evaluate your options, and improve yourself, and the right opportunity will come along.


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