Things have changed. COVID-19 has changed how we interact in society and it’s changed how we work. What it has also changed are the skills and knowledge required to work. Companies have been forced into a digital transformation. The post-COVID job market will reflect this.

Many companies see the need to reskill or upgrade the skills of their employees to be better equipped for the post-COVID-19 economy. When hiring, they will be looking for job candidates who have the right digital and communications skills to be successful in a remote, digital, and ever-changing work landscape. Here we will provide you with tips to be ready for the post-COVID-19 job market and outline some of the most in demand skills you will need to be successful.


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how you can prepare for the post COVID-19 job market

Are you ready for the new job market? Things have changed and will continue to do so as the effects of COVID-19 evolve over time. Here are some things you can do to be an in demand candidate in the post-COVID-19 job market:

make connections

Networking remains as important as ever. Leverage LinkedIn and video meeting software to stay in touch with important contacts.

embrace freelance and gig work

Expect many companies to be more flexible with job offerings. They may look to hire on a freelance or temporary basis first, before bringing on new employees full time.

have a strong online presence

With more work happening remotely, it’s important to have a strong online presence. Update your LinkedIn, build a personal website, and be active within your industry and professional community.

update your resume

Update your resume to reflect the new reality of what hiring companies are looking for in candidates.

update your skill set

COVID has changed the base skillset hiring companies are looking for in candidates. Communications and digital skills are now a priority.


job skills you need to be successful post-COVID-19

COVID-19 changed the way companies do business. It also shed some light onto the skills and abilities they need in employees going forward. Here are the top skills hiring companies will be looking for in the post-COVID-19 job market:


COVID has shown those who are flexible and adaptive have had the most success in navigating this unprecedented time. Things will continue to change at a rapid pace. They could change at any time. Companies want employees who embrace change and can manage it successfully.

tech skills

You have to be tech savvy in the post-COVID-19 job market. A strong digital presence has never been more important for companies. Employees need to know more than the basics to qualify even for entry-level roles. Artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, and other tech will only take on a more prominent role in business operations in the future.

data analysis

Data is increasingly playing a more vital role for companies. Employees need to understand how to collect, interpret, analyze and use data strategically.

digital communications

Communication skills will always be highly desirable. But job candidates need to have the ability to communicate using multiple channels and platforms - Email, video, IM, chat, and others.

web design and coding

With more businesses turning to ecommerce, there is an increasing need for candidates to have some web design and coding experience. It’s important to have an understanding of how websites, digital ordering, and fulfilment work, and how to serve your customers digitally.

social media marketing

A lot of customer service tasks have moved over to social media. Today customers use social media to ask questions, write reviews, make complaints and communicate with companies. Job candidates need to have experience using social media platforms to provide customer service and help a company build their digital brand.

COVID-19 has changed employer expectations. Candidates need new emerging skill sets to be considered a top contender. It’s time to reskill and add to your skillset to be ready for the post-COVID-19 job market.

are you currently looking for work? we can help you find the right job match for your skills.