Whether it’s knowing how to troubleshoot various software applications or having direct experience working with various software platforms, being tech-savvy can give you a significant advantage when applying for a role within the customer support sector.


what are the most sought-after customer experience skills by employers? 

1. bilingual English/French 

In the customer experience industry, candidates fluent in English and French have a significant advantage over candidates who don’t. 

The ability to talk to Canadian customers in their preferred language is a valuable asset to companies, and they actively seek out candidates with this skill set.

2. tech savvy 

Having technical skills is a must, even for entry-level customer experience jobs. Not only do customer experience agents communicate over a variety of channels, including phone, text message, e-chat and email, but they must simultaneously use the company’s CRM software to track communications and provide real-time solutions.

3. technical support

With more customers shopping online and more employees working from home, it’s only natural for the demand for technical support skills to increase as well.  

Successfully troubleshooting software problems and technical issues is a major advantage when looking for a customer support job.

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4. customer inquiries

Customer inquiry skills are essential in customer service jobs because they enable associates to understand and address customer concerns effectively, provide information, personalize interactions, improve efficiency, resolve conflicts, and enhance overall service quality.

5. customer relationship management (CRM) software

Most companies today, even small businesses, use some type of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. 

These platforms store customer data in one convenient location, which is an invaluable tool for agents trying to resolve customer issues. 

Even entry-level workers should have some type of experience working with CRM systems.

6. point of sale systems

Point-of-sale systems are used to finalize sales transactions and process payments. As a customer experience agent, you may need to guide the customer through the checkout process, help them apply for discounts or process refunds.

So, having prior experience using any type of point-of-sale platform is extremely valuable.

7. selling techniques 

Proficiency in selling techniques is indispensable as it directly influences revenue generation, customer satisfaction, competitive positioning, relationship building, problem-solving, and data-informed decision-making within the realm of sales and business development. 

They are an important skill for workers in customer service.

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