The off-season at the office presents an opportune time to assess your current tasks and contemplate your future growth. 

It's a period of freedom that can be maximized to maintain productivity and focus on your long-term development, as well as the strategic objectives you aim to accomplish in the coming months.

1. declutter and organize your workstation

Begin by emptying your drawers, cleaning your shelves, and revamping your filing system, whether it's in a digital or physical format. Only return the items that are truly essential.

Now is the perfect moment to eliminate all the unnecessary clutter that hinders your productivity and stifles your ability to think quickly and creatively. This is particularly important if you work remotely, as the absence of external judgment may have allowed clutter to accumulate over time.

Woman working sitting at her desk in an office. Tall buildings and city in the background.
Woman working sitting at her desk in an office. Tall buildings and city in the background.

2. clean up your e-mails and your computer

It's likely that, unless you're someone who deletes emails after reading them, you've accumulated quite a few - maybe even a few thousand - emails that you promised yourself you'd follow up on. Now is the perfect time to take action.

Start by responding to those emails and deleting the ones that are no longer relevant. To prevent this situation from happening again, consider creating a filing system for better organization.

Moreover, if you currently have 10 folders and 16 screenshots cluttering your desktop, it's high time to tidy up your digital space as well.

For helpful tips on how to clean up your work computer, we recommend checking out one of our most popular articles on the subject: how to clean up your computer.

3. network

Utilize the period when your supervisor is away to proactively network. Take the opportunity to make phone calls or send emails to individuals whom you would like to connect with, both within your company and across your industry. You never know, these interactions could potentially lead to valuable business opportunities!

Summertime has a unique rhythm compared to other seasons. People may be more open to meeting or having phone conversations, especially if their own activities or responsibilities are also experiencing a slowdown during the summer.

If you're unsure where to begin or feel hesitant about networking, we invite you to peruse our expert tips on becoming a networking pro. These resources can provide you with valuable guidance and support to enhance your networking skills.

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4.give yourself a proper lunch break

Many Canadians have fallen into the habit of working through their lunch, and their bosses have become accustomed to this behavior. However, it's not a recommended practice for time-saving or maintaining efficiency.

Make a deliberate effort to take the time to eat and relax during your lunch break. Find a peaceful spot, ideally near a green space, and enjoy your meal. Alternatively, treat yourself to the lunch menu at that charming café you've been meaning to try. 

Keep a pair of running shoes under your desk and take a 30-minute walk. Even if you break a sweat, you'll return to your desk feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Not only is this exercise beneficial for your well-being, but it can also become a habit that you continue even as the seasons change.

5.learn something new

Make a conscious effort to broaden your knowledge base and learn something new. Consider enrolling in online courses or participating in work-related webinars. This way, when your boss returns from their holiday, you can impress them by showcasing your freshly acquired expertise.

Utilize this time to conduct research, devise plans, and organize initiatives that will catch the attention of your colleagues upon their return or in the near future. By doing so, you'll be prepared to swiftly adapt and excel when things resume to normal in your workplace. out sources of inspiration for your work

This may involve exploring industry blogs, tuning in to podcasts, or connecting with professionals who share your interests on social media

By immersing yourself in uplifting and stimulating content, you can sustain your enthusiasm and discover fresh insights to inform your future strategic choices.

And speaking of inspiration, delve into the profiles of five remarkable women who have left an indelible impact on the realm of work this year!

7. take your holidays too!

If you find these suggestions almost tempting you to work through the summer, reconsider. Canadians are putting in longer and harder hours, and it's astonishing that many never fully utilize their holiday entitlement.

However, this unwavering dedication and strong work ethic can lead to exhaustion, illness, and hinder your ability to function effectively both at home and at work.

Always remember that no one is irreplaceable. While you may believe you're doing your boss a favor, in the long term, it won't be beneficial. Holidays are not only an integral part of your compensation package but also vital for your mental well-being and overall efficiency.

Furthermore, it's more enjoyable to be around you and easier to collaborate when you are well-rested and motivated to tackle the challenges of your workday.

Lastly, stop feeling guilty and make the most of the times when your colleagues are away. This will ensure that you're fully prepared to savor your holiday when it's your turn!

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