You are not alone if you are questioning your job. People do it all the time. There will be ebbs and flows in all jobs. 

There are times when things are going great and times that will be frustrating and challenging. This is normal. But, if you start to have more bad days than good, it’s a warning sign it may be time for a change.

If you are not happy with your current job, you always have the choice to explore other opportunities. Here are common signs its time for you to start looking for a new job:

Woman leaning against a couch, sitting on the floor, with laptop on her lap
Woman leaning against a couch, sitting on the floor, with laptop on her lap

1. you're bored or not challenged

People outgrow their role. Over time, you reach a ceiling. There is nothing more you can do in your current role. The passion is gone. You are no longer challenged, and you become bored or complacent. 

The only way to challenge yourself is to take a step up in your current company or move on to another organization that offers more exciting opportunities.

2. there's a lot of negativity/complaining in the workplace

Workplace culture can have a significant impact on your happiness. If you work in an environment where other people are regularly complacent and have a negative attitude, it can wear on you. A negative work environment places unnecessary stress on you. It takes away from your job satisfaction.

3. you don't get along with colleagues

No one wants to work in a combative atmosphere. It is not easy to work with people with who you do not get along. It can put a lot of mental strain on you. 

When you don’t get along with your boss or coworkers, it can create a lot of tension. Read our article on 7 ways to get along with even your most difficult coworkers to overcome this problem.

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4. your mental health is suffering

Diminishing mental health is something you need to monitor carefully. Your job can be a source of mental strain. It can make you feel depressed. If you wake up in the morning and dread going to work, there is an issue. 

If you get anxious about work and it is consuming your thoughts and draining your energy level, it is time to look for a new job.

5. there's no room for growth

People thrive when they are challenged and have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Your employer can play a big role in your ability to evolve

If your employer cannot offer you opportunities for professional development and there are no signs of a promotion in the future, it's time to start looking for an employer who will offer you these opportunities.

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6. you get passed over for a promotion

Building on the earlier point, if there are promotions available, but you get passed over, it's time to start looking. Regardless of the reason you were not considered, it's important to work for an employer that will see your value and reward you for it.

7. your physical health is suffering (i.e., sleep or eating patterns)

Jobs do more than affect you mentally. They can affect your physical well-being also. Beware of signs of burnout!

If you are having issues sleeping because you are concerned about your job, it's something you need to address. Or if you are in a role that is physically wearing you down, it may not be the right job for you.

8. you're simply not happy

At the end of the day, if you are not happy with your job, then it’s a sign that it is time to do something about yourself. It is time to make a change and find a job that will be more fulfilling and is better aligned with your professional goals.

Whether you feel like you are ready for a new challenge, you have become discontent, or you just need something new, now is always the best time to explore your career options. 

If you are ready to start the job search, Contact Randstad Canada today to get the process started.

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