There is nothing wrong with a little self-promotion from time to time, especially if you are considering a career move. In fact, promoting yourself can be a key success factor in getting noticed for that promotion you want or getting noticed by prospective employers and recruiters.

In a time where competition for jobs is fierce, you need to do everything you can to help yourself stand out from the crowd. Self-promotion, when done the right way, can help you get noticed. Here we’ll talk about why self-promotion is good for your career and tips to do it properly.

2 women talking and smiling on the workplace
2 women talking and smiling on the workplace

Self-promotion can be a key success factor for your career. With COVID-19 having a significant impact on jobs across countless industries, it’s more important than ever to sell yourself as a great candidate. Here’s why self-promotion is great for your career:

it helps you focus

Many people don’t have a specific career focus. Considering COVID-19, many are just happy to take what is available. But, if you have this approach, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat out focused candidates.

you’ll project confidence

Working on promoting yourself will help you tap into a more confident headspace. You’ll understand yourself on a deeper level and that helps you project confidence when speaking with recruiters and when on job interviews.

talent is not always recognized

There is no shortage of exceptional talent who get overlooked by bosses, recruiters and hiring companies. Sometimes you need to speak up for yourself so others take notice of the great things you are doing.

you can’t solely depend on others

It’s important for you to take charge of your career. You need to be in the drivers’ seat. You can’t always rely on or wait for others to see your worth. People’s time is limited and their focus is elsewhere right now.

your resume isn’t enough

Applying for jobs and submitting your resume isn’t enough today. Taking extra steps to build a social media presence, be active in your industry, and continuously network will help you build awareness for your personal brand.

you make your intentions known

When you put effort into promoting yourself, you can eliminate assumptions. People will know where you stand and what you have to offer.

self-promotion tips

There are endless ways you can approach self-promotion. Some are better than others. Remember, promoting yourself doesn’t have to be excessive. It’s not about bragging about your expertise. It’s about creating awareness. Here are some tips to promote yourself the right way:

  • find the right opportunities: Avoid engaging in self-promotion with others out of the blue. Rather, use the right opportunities in normal communications with your peers, bosses, and potential employers. Wait for things to come up organically in conversation during meetings. And don’t forget to give credit to others if you were part of a group effort.
  • don’t throw others under the bus: Don’t boast about your successes at the expense of others. It could hurt your reputation rather than help it.
  • be authentic: Don’t try to be something you are not. Be genuine.
  • back up your words: Actions speak louder than words. You need to back up what you say you’ll be delivering. Show your skills and knowledge in action.

A little self-promotion, when done well and at the right time, can be just what you need to get noticed. What are you doing to get noticed?

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