Video job interviews have quickly become common in the hiring process. They were already on the rise pre-pandemic but are now a staple in the interview process. Having interviews scheduled over video is not going away anytime soon. Video interviews are convenient not only for you but for the company as well.

Two kinds of video interviews exist — one-way or two-way. A one-way interview is a pre-recorded interview. In a one-way interview, the interviewer asks you questions, and you must record your answers.

A two-way interview is when you are doing a live virtual interview. In this interview, you're speaking with a real person, similar to an in-person interview.

video interview
video interview

Even though video interviews are now commonplace, many candidates are still ill-prepared for them. The good news is while video interviews are unique, many of the questions you get from the hiring manager will be like other job interviews. The questions you get asked will not always be the same. However, they will be similar and fall into the following 5 interview question categories.

ice breaker questions

You should expect to get a question or two to break the ice during the initial interview. These initial questions allow the hiring manager to learn more about you. These questions help the hiring manager gauge whether you'd fit the company well. Expect questions such as:

  • tell us about yourself
  • what made you apply for this job

Use this question as an opportunity to speak about your current role and provide a glimpse of who you are. Briefly discuss your career highlights and communicate why you’re a great candidate for the role.

questions about your personality

Hiring companies want to see your personality. They want to see if you align with the company’s values. Expect questions such as:

  • do you prefer to work alone or on a team?
  • what are your primary areas of interest or passion in life?
  • what recreational activities do you find enjoyable?

On the video call, let your personality shine and be yourself. You must be yourself, even if it's hard during a pre-recorded video interview. Candidates who provide memorable and authentic answers will stand out from the crowd.

questions about your motivations

Every candidate has unique motivations when applying for jobs. Some candidates are motivated by money. Other candidates simply need a change of scenery from their current job. During a video interview, can you expect to get questions about what motivates you?

Here are some common video interview questions that the hiring manager may ask you:

  • what are your career goals for the next 5 years?
  • how does this role align with your long-term career objectives

You need to be honest with your response and have open body language with good posture. Make sure to research the company to connect how the job you want fits within your plan.

questions about your skills and abilities

Expect interviewers to ask you questions about your skills and experience. Often, it will be in the form of a behavioural-style question. They will want you to tell about when you used your abilities in a previous role. Expect questions such as:

  • tell us about a time when you overcame a significant challenge
  • provide an example of when you had to get others to agree to implement your idea

To answer these types of questions, speak about the situation. Discuss the actions you took, the skills you used, and the result.

the unexpected question

You should always expect the unexpected during live video interviews. Some interviewers like to throw out oddball questions during an interview to see how you will react. They want to see how you act on your feet and the process you take to answer the question. Examples of these types of questions include:

  • if you could only have a superpower, what would it be and why?
  • what was the most recent book you have perused?

Getting caught off guard is okay. Giving yourself a second to collect your thoughts during an interview is okay. Provide an honest answer and explain the rationale you used.

The answers you give to these questions tend to be less important in the grand scheme of your interview. These questions just exist to understand who you are as a person.

Virtual job interviews will be here to stay for the foreseeable future. With video interviews being the way of the future, learn more on how to ace a video interview here. While the interview format is new, the questions you’ll be asked will be the same as in face-to-face interviews. If you prepare for the interview, you’ll be ready to answer any question a hiring manager throws at you. 

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