You’ve done it. All of your hard work has paid off, and you’ve landed yourself a job interview. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part: preparing for the interview. Interviews can be difficult, but the more you research the company and position and practice your interview skills, the easier the interview will be and the more confident you’ll feel. Use this handy guide to acing your interview as a checklist. Make sure you go through each point while preparing for your interview.


how to prepare for your interview

We can say it enough, prepare, prepare, prepare. It's better to prepare for everything that can happen or be asked in an interview, rather than just winging it. Research the company, have a firm understanding of the company, the role, and have questions ready to ask. Don't forget that practice makes perfect. 

what to say in an interview 

Answering interview questions the right way may sound difficult. However our interview guide can help you with your most common interview concerns, such as: Should you ask questions during an interview? How do you talk about your weaknesses? How do you answer open ended ‘what-if’ questions?

your interview checklist

If the point of a resume and cover letter and your social media profiles is to get you an interview, the point of the interview is to get you a job. It's the final checkpoint of this process. We have tons of interview recommendations and checklists in this guide to not only help you ace your following interview but to make a great first impression.

your go-to guide to acing your next interview.

Get all the tips to make sure that you’re prepared for your interview.

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your next career step. 

If you’re looking for your dream job, the Make It Happen Toolkit has everything you need to make your next move a positive one. This guide showed you how to prepare to ace a job interview. Now explore the next guide in the series, which will empower you to develop a unique and authentic personal brand.

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Your personal brand is the professional image that you convey to other people. Learn how to create a professional personal brand to help you land your next job.

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