Your skills and experience have qualified you for an interview; good going!

After leaving a good impression, you have progressed in the recruitment process and are now face-to-face with a hiring manager. This is your time to shine and show that you're the ideal candidate.

The pressure is on; you're in the hot, yet rest assured, your capabilities far exceed the job's demands. You will handle the job interview questions with the utmost competence.

Remember, during the job interview process — honesty is the best policy. Have faith in your skills and pay close attention to the inquiries directed at you. Don't forget that researching the company is essential to providing good answers to common interview questions.

During an interview, it's important to remember that if you have a question — ask it while making eye contact. You can ask your interviewer many great questions. Indeed, the saying is true: no question is ever foolish, but some questions might make you seem unprepared


The list isn't complete, but these five questions can give you useful info without being too nosy or direct.

if your direct manager is interviewing you

show interest in your potential employer

get to know the job requirements

if your direct manager is interviewing you

add a personal twist, but keep it professional

end on a good note

why job seekers should ask questions

Remember, asking thoughtful questions provides you with valuable information. Asking the right questions will position you as an engaged and proactive candidate. Plus, you will gain valuable insights into the company, allowing you to judge whether or not you'd fit in with their workplace culture.

Your curiosity and preparedness will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the hiring team. Best of luck in your interview journey!

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