One of the most frustrating parts of the job search process is silence—not hearing anything from a prospective employer after you submit a job application. But it happens and it is happening even more right now. With more people looking for work, companies are dealing with higher volumes of job applications.

So, you can expect not to hear from some companies simply because they are overwhelmed with applications. But if you consistently do not get job interviews and get no response from employers, there is something deeper in play that needs to be addressed. You may be making a mistake somewhere in the job application process.


Here’s what to do if your job applications are not leading to job interviews:

take a second look at your resume

Resume issues are one of the most common reasons you won’t get a call from an employer. You may have typos or grammatical issues. Perhaps your resume is not customized to the specific role or it lacks focus. Take a look at your resume and look for ways to make it better.

Better yet, have someone you trust take a look at it and provide you with some feedback. You may be making a mistake you don’t even realize.

optimize your application for automated systems

Most companies today use some form of application tracking to assess resumes and cover letters before they even set eyes on them. These tools are designed to scan resumes and look for specific keywords and terms. If your resume is missing these key terms, you may not make the cut.

Review the job description and read it carefully. Look for specific keywords in the description and make sure you include them in your resume and cover letter.

are you applying for the right type of jobs?

Are you qualified? The majority of people who apply for jobs are not actually qualified for the position. If you fail to meet most of the requirements, you won’t likely get a call for an interview.

Remember, it’s not how many jobs you apply for, it’s the quality of applications you submit for jobs that are a good match for your skill set.

make sure you follow all the application steps

Always read application steps carefully. Companies often have specific instructions for you to follow in addition to submitting your resume and cover letter.

For example, they may require you to include a specific job code in your cover letter, include a writing sample or answer a series of questions. If you skip any of these steps, you will likely be disqualified from consideration.

review your social presence

Sometimes not getting a call may have nothing to do with your resume or application. It may have to do with something on social media that triggered a red flag for the employer. The majority of hiring companies will check you out on social media. They are going to look beyond your LinkedIn profile. They will look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google you to see what they can learn about you. Objectionable comments, imagery, or photos on your profiles could cause you to be removed from consideration. Cull your social profiles and ensure they present a professional image.

Application requirements and steps are not optional. You need to complete them all correctly if you want to make it to the next step and get a call for a job interview. Always review your application thoroughly before sending that email or hitting the submit button.

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