90% of recruiters use LinkedIn. Don't let that visibility go to waste. A strong LinkedIn profile can help boost your job search and make it easier for you to connect with great opportunities. Let's start with some edits and 'fixes' to help you transform your LinkedIn profile from good to great.


1. customize your url.

Why? It makes you look professional, gives you a clean URL to direct people to and helps you come up in Google searches.  

Click on edit your profile then you will see a URL with a series of numbers, click on edit here and pick a custom url, I generally recommend your first and last name, so when people google you, usually this profile will come up first. Another option, if you are in a profession you think you will be in for life, you can use a keyword phrase, for example, I selected “social media consulting.”

2. become clickable.

Your picture and headline are what stand out in the search results. If someone is looking for a 'Project Manager' and you come up but your headline just says 'Project Manager' and nothing else, you look like everyone else, except for your colleague who’s headline may say 'Project Manager who loves the challenge of implementing on time, on budget project plans. PMP certified.'

You have 120 characters, make it count! Remember to keep your main keyword, more about LinkedIn Keyword Tips here but be creative and spice it up with an interesting fact about your skillsets or what you are passionate about in your industry. Speak to your audience, a good LinkedIn profile is specific!

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3. look approachable.

Yes, your picture is important. And no, it shouldn’t include your family, a hand from that special someone you cropped out or you in scuba gear (yes, I have seen this!). And pleeease… no sexy pouts for the camera, this is professional but friendly. Enough said.

4. have a stellar summary.

Remember, people read differently online, they quickly scan content and then go back if they find something interesting, so make your profile easy to scan! This means lots of white space and I love to use bullet points. *Tip* bullet points aren’t built into LinkedIn’s content editor so the trick is to write your summary up in word and then copy and paste it into LinkedIn, the bullets will stay!

5. showcase your skills.

You can add up to 50 skills, add the most relevant ones and then find out which ones are growing in your industry by exploring LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise tool. Add all 50, this helps with your visibility in search. These also provide powerful social proof because, with one click, your colleagues, clients and friends can endorse you.

6. add extras.

Do you speak any other languages? There is a section for this. Have you been quoted in the news or published an article or paper recently? Addthat under the 'publications' section. You can also showcase your certifications and/or honours and awards.

7. get colourful.

I love the Reading List by Amazon App, which features a few of the top books in your industry and write a brief recommendation, thispositions you as a thought leader and adds some colour to your profile. Another great app that can add both colour and interactivity is the slideshare app, here you can feature your portfolio, a presentation from any speaking events or even a slideshow of your background and experience.

A clear, concise and colourful profile will stand out. If it speaks to your audience, these edits will be sure to invite more connections and activity and can bring you closer to your dream job.

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