Healthcare jobs continue to evolve rapidly. Increased requirements for virtual care and telemedicine are leading a charge for clinical professionals with technology and communication skills, and shortages across all healthcare jobs mean employers are willing to think outside the box when hiring.

Other trends creating in-demand jobs in the sector include an aging Canadian population and higher demand for healthcare administrative staff as more patients lead to an increased need for support and management roles. Find out everything you need to know about the best healthcare jobs in 2023 in Canada below: 

what healthcare careers are in-demand for 2023?

The best jobs in the healthcare field aren't all clinical. Employers are looking for qualified candidates to provide direct patient care as well as individuals with the administrative skills necessary to run front and back medical offices or assist people in getting the services they need. Check out some of the most in-demand jobs in the sector going into 2023.


how much do healthcare professionals earn on average in 2023?

In the healthcare industry, pay often depends on the position, the candidate's experience and where the job is located. In 2023, average salaries on the low end were around $48,000. Mid-range salaries averaged around $58,000, and professionals in the sector could earn around $83,000 on the high end.

Curious to see what’s the average salary per region and level of experience? Download our 2023 salary guide.

the key sectors of the healthcare industry in 2023

Healthcare and social assistance combine to create an enormous industry that employs millions of Canadians and has an appetite for even more candidates. The government is the largest employer in the sector across the nation by a very large margin, but candidates can also find jobs with private organizations.

top skills employers want for healthcare jobs

The most in-demand skills in the sector in 2023 include clinical, administrative and support skills. Employers are looking to create well-rounded teams that can attend to all the facets of medical care, including details such as patient scheduling or sanitation. Find out what the what are the most sought-after healthcare skills in 2023 are and make sure they appear on your resume to stand out from the competition.

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