There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what’s involved in working with recruitment agencies and how they serve the needs of job seekers. Let’s get to the bottom of some of the most prevalent myths, shall we?


myth: recruiting agencies are expensive

truth: job seekers don’t pay to find jobs

By far, the most confusion around working with recruitment firms stems from who foots the bill. 

To eliminate the confusion once and for all: it’s employers who pay recruiters. Employers hire recruiters to find and deliver highly qualified talent.

In no circumstances will a recruiter ever ask you to pay for their services, if you’re looking for a job! In fact, working with a recruiter turbocharges your job search for free. 

You tap into the experience of a professional and get a second set of eyes helping you pinpoint the perfect job opportunity, whether this is a full-time job or a temporary position. 

Whether you find a job through your recruiter or not, you’ll never be charged.

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myth: recruiters force you to take jobs to collect commision

truth: recruiters want you to be happy

There’s a mistaken belief that recruitment agencies want to fill placements as quickly as possible and are willing to push you to take any open positions that’s not right for you to meet their quotas. In reality, recruiters are simply an extension of your own job search. 

They want to present you with opportunities you’re excited about while saving you time, giving you more time to work on that cover letter! 

If you’re not happy with your recruiter’s suggestions, let them know! They’ll adjust their search to help you find a job you’re passionate about.

The reason that employers pay recruiters is that they want to find qualified candidates with skill sets that fits into their team and corporate culture. 

Job seekers who are a better fit are more likely to stick around long term. 

In fact, some companies will even pay bonuses for candidates who stay with them for a set period of time, meaning happy placements are also the most profitable.

myth: recruiters fill job openings you can find yourself

truth: recruiters have access to jobs you’ll never see

Another common myth is that recruiters piggyback on jobs that are posted elsewhere online, sometimes by the company itself or competing recruiting agencies. 

Though there are certainly cases where jobs recruiters are filling are found elsewhere, this isn’t always the case.

In fact, as many as 50% of the jobs that recruiters are trying to fill at any given time are not posted anywhere at all. 

These can be jobs with swift turnarounds, or ones are highly competitive or require extremely specialized skills. 

Working with a recruitment agency allows you to find these exciting job opportunities you might otherwise never heard about.

myth: recruiters take part of your salary as commission

truth: you make the same amount working with a recruiter

It’s easy to see how people might think that they’d be paid more if only their employer didn’t have to pay a recruiter. 

They could spend that extra money on your salary instead! However, research shows that job seekers who work with recruiters get paid just as much or more as colleagues who are hired by in-house recruitment. 

Why? Recruiters are experts at finding top-calibre talent; the type of talent that employers are willing to pay a premium for. 

Recruiters are also excellent salary negotiators who represent their candidates’ best interests.

Think of it this way: when you go out for dinner, you probably don’t think ‘if only I didn’t have to tip the waiter my food would be cheaper.’ You accept that tipping is part of the entire dining experience. 

Recruitment works the same way for employers. It’s a service that companies pay for (above and beyond your salary) to make the hiring process smoother and find higher quality talent. Most service-based industries operate this way.

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