A talented recruiter is an invaluable resource when it comes to running a smooth job search. They provide support and direction, helping you find great opportunities you might not otherwise be attuned to. It’s their job to be on top of what’s happening in the job market, so they know tricks of the trade and have tons of connections that someone like you, who isn’t necessarily immersed in the job market, won’t have. All that said, finding a great recruiter who understands you and is an expert in your field can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few indicators that you’ve found a top-notch recruiter.


they listen first and talk second

Being a good listener is an important part of any relationship, and that includes professional relationships. If your recruiter listens to you and makes a point of asking about your personal goals, challenges and career motivations, you’ve found someone worth working with. By getting to know you, they’re more likely to find job opportunities that are uniquely suited to you.

they know your industry inside out

Recruiters are industry experts, or at least they should be. A qualified recruiter knows the HR and recruitment industry, and the sectors they’re hiring for inside out. They can answer questions about industry skills and qualifications, the salary range you can expect, and describe the roles they’re hiring for in detail. A seasoned recruiter will be able to discuss all these things without blinking an eye. If you’ve found the right recruiter, they’ll enhance your job search with their knowledge. They’ll provide guidance, support, and advice that makes sense.

they’re accessible and get back to you quickly

Have you ever had this experience? You reach out to a recruiter and they’re friendly and helpful for your first meeting. That friendly attitude disappears into thin air the second you leave their office. It’s clear you’re no longer their priority. They get back to you weeks later, if at all, and their email replies are short and dismissive. That’s not how recruiter relationships are supposed to work. A good recruiter knows that happy job seekers are the heart of their business. A great recruiter is upfront and honest with you. If they say they’ll be in touch, they will be. If the fit isn’t right and they have no job opportunities that are a match for your career at the moment, they’ll be honest and say so rather than stringing you along.

their feedback is constructive

Smart recruiters help you spruce up your professional documents and social media profiles so they’re appealing to potential employers. Recruiters are experts at spotting a diamond in the rough. If you have great skills and experience that will appeal to employers, but your resume isn’t quite up to par, they’ll provide guidance to help you make yourself more marketable to employers. Experienced recruiters have picked up tons of tips and tricks over years of working with countless employers. They know what will help candidates stand out. The best recruiters are more than happy to pass this expertise on to you.

they care about your goals

If you’re thrilled with the job you end up accepting, a recruiter has done their job correctly. Good recruiters understand that when you’re happy with the opportunity they helped you find, you’ll work hard for your new employer and make them look good. That’s exactly what they want! Recruiters who ask a lot of questions about you and what you’re looking for in your next career move tend to be the most successful. They want to know the types of roles you’re looking for, the types of companies you want to work for, and the salary range you’re comfortable with. They’ll do their absolute best to help you find opportunities that align and be honest with you throughout the process.

you never feel pressured or taken advantage of

Some unscrupulous recruiters will try to convince you to take a role that isn’t right for you, simply to fulfill their hiring requirements. Fortunately, the bad apples are outnumbered by recruiters who understand that happy candidates lead to happy clients. Successful recruiters make every attempt to find roles that are a good fit for everyone involved. You should never feel like a recruiter is pushing you toward a role you don’t want, or forcing you to accept a salary that’s outside of your comfortable range. If a recruiter feels like your expectations are unrealistic, they should be courteous and professionally explain their rationale.


We promise there are a lot of good recruiters out there. We’re happy to say that there are a lot of them working here at Randstad!

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