In 2023, AutoCAD is the most-requested engineer skill, pulling ahead of project management. The remaining three top skills are all-new this year. Companies want candidates who are well-versed in health and safety and comfortable with the engineering design process.  Employers are seeking candidates with a lot more than a technical background today. They want people who possess a combination of technical and soft skills. Engineers with automation skills are also in demand across Canada. Here are the top skills for engineering roles:

1. autoCAD

AutoCAD is used by nearly every engineering professional, despite their specialty. This software enables engineers to create accurate blueprints and project plans as well as to adjust as necessary. Having experience using AutoCAD is a must for any professional engineer. It’s at the top of the list of engineer skills for good reason.

2. project management

Project management skills are in high demand for engineering roles. They are high up on our list of top jobs in engineering. Candidates with leadership and problem-solving abilities, experience overseeing projects, managing budgets, conducting risk management assessments, and supervising workers are in high demand in today’s job market.

3. health and safety

When you think about engineer skills, health and safety might not immediately come to mind. Health and safety skills enable engineers to assess risks and reduce hazards at specific locations. These skills might include monitoring equipment, assessing procedures, or adhering to established safety standards. Since conditions can vary between engineering disciplines, candidates need an in-depth knowledge of their industry's typical equipment, materials, and processes.


4. design process

The design process is the method engineers use to come up with a solution to a problem. It typically includes defining objectives, brainstorming solutions, establishing constraints, creating a design, building a prototype, conducting testing, and refining the solution. Most engineers use some variation of the design process during their careers. It’s a valuable engineering skill to possess.

5. automation

Engineers with automation skills are in demand as companies increasingly turn to technology to reduce labour costs, increase efficiency, and boost safety. Candidates who are interested in engineering roles in automation should consider acquiring practical skills and updated knowledge in areas such as telemetry, control systems, sensor design, robotics and systems integration.

6. soft skills

There is an increasing preference for employees to require engineers to be well-rounded professionals. They want people to also have soft skills – interpersonal and communication skills, attention to detail, time management, adaptability, and leadership.

These soft skills, in addition to engineer skills, ensure engineers are better equipped to work in an increasingly interdisciplinary workplace. An environment where people are called up to have a broader perspective and greater flexibility in what they can do.

engineering certifications to consider pursuing in 2023

The top engineering certification options for 2023 remained the same as last year. Most of these certifications, such as SE, PE and EIT certifications, are standard credentials for professionals in the engineering industry. Candidates seeking to advance their engineering careers should take steps to gain the professional certifications that most closely match their overall career goals. This is the industry standard technical background.

Here are the top certifications to consider pursuing to qualify for engineering roles:

Engineering roles continue to change with the times. Employers expect more than engineer skills and technical background. They want people who also have soft skills and a passion for the profession. They want people who love what they do.

If you’re thinking about getting into engineering, check out this article about 10 reasons to love engineering. You may just find the inspiration you need to become the next great minority, female, or indigenous engineer to leave their mark on the industry.

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