The most sought-after skills in the logistics industry remain the same for the third consecutive year. The top in-demand skill is experienced operating a forklift and similar equipment, such as cherry pickers and side loaders. Having this type of experience and training will give you a huge advantage when applying for a job in this sector. Other valuable skills to have include experience using Freight+ software, handling materials and repairing and maintaining plant tools and equipment.

1.  forklift experience

For the second year in a row, forklift experience ranks as the top in-demand skill in the logistic industry. Having experience handling any type of forklift, including counterbalance, cherry picker, and walkie can put you at an advantage over candidates without this type of experience. This skill set is particularly important if you have a forklift certification.

2.  freight+

Freight+ is one of the most popular shipping software applications used within the logistics industry. Knowing how to use this software to calculate and print shipping labels with the main carriers, including FedEx, UPS, and Canada post, is the second-most in-demand skill for 2023.

3.  bills of lading

Not everyone has experience using shipping software, such as freight+, to create bills of lading (BoL), which is a comprehensive list of all goods being shipped in a specific order. But if you do have this experience, it might just be enough skills to help you land your next job in the logistics industry. This fact is especially true if you’re applying to work for a larger company that handles international sales.

4.  preventative maintenance

In the logistics industry, any machine downtime results in loss of production and money. It makes perfect sense that logistics companies actively seek out candidates with previous preventative maintenance experience to minimize the risk of breakdowns. Having experience maintaining and repairing plant tools and equipment is a great asset to have when seeking a career in logistics.


5.  material handling

Due to the nature of work within the logistics industry, material handling is a core skill set to have whether applying for an entry-level position or an executive role. The more experience you have picking, packing, and moving goods and materials, the better.

6.  pallet jacks

Pallet jacks are smaller and easier to use than forklift and are used in nearly every logistic company across the country. While no certification is necessary to use a pallet jack, logistics employers do prioritize candidates with previous experience working with pallet jacks over applicants without experience.

7.  light packaging

With a rise in online shipping, the demand for workers with light packing experience is in high demand. If you have experience packing fragile and delicate materials, such as glass, food and electronics, be sure to list this valuable skill on your resume.

top trending logistics certifications for 2023

Due to the complexities of handling and transporting dangerous goods, logistics employers are continuously seeking candidates that are certified in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) as well as Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems (WHMIS). Additionally, holding a license to drive a commercial truck or forklift will also give you an advantage over candidates without these credentials.

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