The most sought-after skill in the manufacturing industry for 2023 is PLC troubleshooting and programming. Manufacturing companies also need employers skilled in working with micrometres, blueprints, cutting equipment and engineering drawings. Candidates with one or more of these highly sought-after skills have a significant advantage over less-skilled candidates.

1. PLC troubleshooting and programming

For 2023, the top manufacturing skills are programming and troubleshooting programmable logic computer (PLC) systems to maintain production output and quality. PLC equipment is a staple in many manufacturing plants.

2. micrometers

Candidates looking for manufacturing positions as heavy-duty mechanics or electro mechanics should have experience using a micrometer. This tool is used to take extremely precise measurements to one one-thousandths of an inch. It's primarily used in mechanical trades, machining and mechanical engineering.

3. blueprints

Blueprints used in manufacturing are detailed plans of the manufacturing process and a core component in the industry. Knowing how to develop and read blueprints is a highly desirable skill in the manufacturing industry.

4. cutting equipment

Experience using industrial cutting equipment remains the fifth top trending skill in manufacturing. Having experience using any type of industrial-strength cutting tools and equipment for tasks, such as milling, drilling, shaping, planning and grinding materials, such as wood, can give you an advantage over candidates without these skills.


5. engineering drawings

Similar to blueprints, engineering drawings can highlight the details of the production process. Most engineers use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to make these drawings. Manufacturing employers constantly seek out candidates who have experience using CAD software or can accurately read engineering drawings.

6. TIG welding

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding is a precise arc-welding process that companies use to join a wide range of metals. Because of the skill involved, many employers are also seeking experienced TIG welders.

7. good manufacturing practices (GMP)

Manufacturers are required to follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) rules and regulations when manufacturing a variety of products, including food and pharmaceuticals. These guidelines help to ensure the overall quality of the product. Having a working knowledge of GMP practices is a highly sought-after skill in the manufacturing industry.

what certifications are needed in 2023 in the manufacturing sector

The top three manufacturing certifications for 2023 are CWB TIG Ticket, PLC programming, and 433A certification for millwrights. Employers are also actively looking for candidates certified in TIG/MIG welding. One trending certification that remains consistent for 2023 is a Class 5 driver’s license, which is the fourth most sought-after certification in the industry.

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