Productivity on Fridays is not as good as most would like. Many of us are guilty of treating Friday as a more laid back and relaxed day. There is less urgency to get things done. Many of us have the mentality of, “it can wait until Monday.” We get it. You’re tired. You’ve had a busy week and you’re looking forward to your plans for the weekend.

But you could do a lot to boost workplace productivity overall if you put an effort into increasing your productivity before you leave the office for the weekend. Here are 7 simple-to-implement productivity tips you can use this Friday to boost office productivity:


clear your inbox to-do’s

We all want to start off Monday on a going note. So, why not use Friday to clear out your inbox? Reply to all the emails you’ve been meaning to get to. This way, you can check off one task on your to-do list, you won’t spend time on the weekend thinking about the emails you need to reply to on Monday, and you can start fresh next week. Start from the most important and work your way through the list until complete.

schedule meetings

Scheduling meetings on Fridays is a great way to make use of a day where your productivity is low. Most people have less scheduled on Friday and it’s a lighter way to end the week. Use these meetings to wrap up the week that was and plan for the week ahead. Ideally, you should schedule meetings in the morning or early afternoon. No one wants a Friday afternoon meeting to run late and delay the start of the weekend!

save routine tasks for friday

Let’s face it: once Friday rolls around, you have less motivation and energy. By the end of the week, we’re often burnt out, so it’s the perfect time to do routine tasks that don’t require much thinking. The tasks you choose to do will depend on your job. Choose tasks that don’t require deep concentration – small, simple tasks, such as reviewing your work calendar, following up on projects, making phone calls, and other routine tasks that help you get organized.

plan a weekend reward for yourself

Most of us could use some motivation to get more work done on Fridays. A weekend reward can be just what you need to get through your to-do list. The reward doesn’t have to be something elaborate. It can be as simple as a slice of pizza from your favorite spot, a night out at the movies, or anything else you enjoy. Sometimes all we need is a little incentive to put the extra effort in at the end of the week.

avoid starting new projects

Friday is not the best day to start a new project. After a busy week, it can be challenging to have the focus and mental capacity to wrap your head around a new project. Rather than struggle to get the project going, work on less challenging tasks so you can get more done. Plus, it will likely be on your mind over the weekend. So, if possible, avoid starting new projects at the end of the week.

start planning for monday

One of the most effective uses of your time on Friday, especially during the afternoon, is to start planning for Monday. Spending some time planning for the week ahead can help you get a jump start to your week. It will help you get things in order and have a detailed understanding of what to expect.

try email-free friday afternoons

Let’s be honest, no one responds to (or likes receiving) Friday afternoon emails. Most people have one foot out the door on Friday. People take vacation days and leave early. This makes Fridays generally quieter around the office. This is a great opportunity for you because there will be fewer distractions.


If you have the energy and mental capacity, use this time to focus on your work. Make Fridays about you. Don’t send out any emails or social media messages. You’ll have more time to focus on your work and get a lot done. Head into the weekend feeling like you accomplished a large chunk of work. Finish Friday strong and set yourself up for a successful Monday.

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