It’s that magical time of the year again. But before we venture out of the office for the holidays, there are some administrative tasks that need to be done! However, not all administrative tasks are tedious. You can have a little fun with this task of crafting your out-of-office message. But if you’re running behind schedule and don’t have time to think of one, we’ve prepared some messages that are copy and paste ready.


what are holiday out-of-office messages?

Holiday out-of-office replies are automated email messages that professionals use to let others know they are unavailable to respond due to being away during the holidays.  

Out-of-office messages usually include:

  • An apology for the inconvenience
  • Why you can’t reply right away
  • An alternative colleague to contact when urgent
  • When they can expect to hear from you

With the holidays, you can make your out-of-office message a little more festive. There are different ways you can write an out of the office message ahead of a holiday. This really depends on the culture of your company and the potential audience that it will be reaching. Think about whether your company and clients are a little more on the professional side, or can you have a little more creativity. Usually out of office messages typically fall under the following categories:

  • Business professional messages
  • Professional and friendly messages
  • Festive messages
  • No contact messages
  • Some contact (if urgent) messages

So, if you’re looking for something a little more formal or over-the-top festive, here are six fantastic holiday out-of-office messages you copy and paste to use. Choose the best one depending on what you feel would be ideal for you, your company, and this time of year.

template 1: for the traditionalists


Thank you for your message. I’ll be away for the holidays until [date].

I’ll reply to your email when I return to the office. If you require immediate assistance in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to message [name] at [email] in my absence.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season,

[Your Name]

template 2: keeping it light yet professional

Season’s Greetings!

Thanks for reaching out. I’m currently out of the office enjoying the holidays until [date].

I’ll respond as quickly as I can once all of the holiday festivities are over! In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to [name] at [email] for assistance if your request is urgent.


[Your Name]

template 3: sprinkling in a little festive cheer

Happy holidays!

As you may know, it’s my favorite time of year, which means I’m currently away from my inbox. I’ll be cozy at home, sipping away at some eggnog, eating some holiday cookies, and re-watching my favorite holiday movie: [your favourite holiday movie].

This elf can’t stay away from work forever, so I’ll be making my grand return to the office on [date] and will respond to all messages at that time. If it’s an urgent matter, please email [name] at [contact].

Happy ho-ho-holidays!

[Your Name]

template 4: if you’ll be out of reach


Happy holidays and thanks for your email. I’m currently out of the office, returning on [date].

While I’m away celebrating the holidays with friends and family, I plan to disconnect until my return. If your request is urgent, please send an email to [name] at [email]. Otherwise I’ll respond to your message upon my return!

I hope you and your family have a festive holiday season.

Best wishes!

[Your Name]

template 5: if you’ll be checking in occasionally 


I’ll be out of the office until [date], though, I’ll be checking my email from time to time in between holiday festivities.

If this matter isn’t time-sensitive, I’ll respond to you as soon as I am back in the office on [date]. However, if it’s an urgent matter, please write back letting me know, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best and happy holidays,

[Your Name]

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