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Data entry professionals enter data and update records from multiple sources, helping organizations keep records of transactions, inventory, employee records and many other types of information. Even though data entry positions in Toronto have dropped 9.2% in the past year, there are still more than 6,200 jobs in the city. The decline in jobs is in alignment with the longer term trend, as jobs in this area have dropped by more than 60% since 2007. To be successful in this area, it’s important for candidates to have experience working with CRMs, data software, and work accurately.

data entry salaries in Toronto

Data entry jobs are often entry level positions, and the salary for these positions reflects this. A higher salary is possible for candidates with additional skills and experience to open doors to more advanced jobs. In Toronto, here is the salary scale you can expect:

Entry level salary: $29.7k to $34.4k
Intermediate salary: $32.6k to $37.7k
Senior salary: $35k to $40.5k

top industries for data entry workers in Toronto

All industries rely on good record keeping and analysis of data and metrics to make business decisions. Therefore, data entry work can be found in many industries. In Toronto, here are the top industries seeking data entry workers:

  1. Data processing, hosting
  2. Employment services
  3. Local administration
  4. Depository credit intermediation
  5. Freight transportation arrangement

in demand skills in Toronto

To be a top candidate for data entry jobs, it’s important to have the top in demand skills and knowledge. In Toronto, here are the top skills that hiring companies are looking for in data entry job candidates:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Business transformation
  • Bilingual French
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

next steps for data entry professionals

Data entry jobs are entry level positions. Most are stepping stones to more senior roles in business administration and human resources. With the right level of skills and experience, you will be able to progress to a career in IT, marketing, and many other data-focused industries.

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