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Companies rely on accurate data and information to make strategic business decisions. Data entry workers ensure companies have up to date and accurate records. In Vancouver, the number of data entry jobs is on the rise. There are more than 4,300 data entry jobs, a 7.7% increase over last year, continuing the trend of job growth in this area. Data entry jobs have increased by more than 20% since 2007.

data entry salaries in Vancouver

Salaries for data entry jobs in Vancouver are on par with other large cities in Canada. Here are the average salaries data entry workers can expect when working in Vancouver:

Entry level salary: $29.9k to $34.6k
Intermediate salary: $32.8k to $37.9k
Senior salary: $35.2k to $40.7k

top industries for data entry workers in Vancouver

Data entry jobs are competitive. They are great entry level positions that open the door for careers in many industries such as marketing, IT, analytics, and many other related industries. Even though data entry jobs can be found in many industries and with a variety of company types, here are the main industries to look for jobs in data entry:

  1. Data processing, hosting
  2. Employment services
  3. Other federal services
  4. Local administration
  5. Depository credit intermediation

in demand skills in Vancouver

Data entry workers need to have strong computer and technology skills. You’ll be expected to be familiar with data processing software programs. In particular, here are the top skills hiring companies in Vancouver are looking for in candidates:

  • Freight forwarding
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Work Order
  • Microsoft Office

next steps for data entry professionals

Data entry jobs can open the door for opportunities in many industries. With the increased importance in metrics and analytics, many can move into other areas. Data entry is also an ideal launching point for careers in marketing, business administration, human resources, and information technology.

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