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Success as a DevOps engineer is less about doing things in a certain way; it’s more about identifying strategies to help the business grow by giving it a technological advantage over competitors. You’ll work collaboratively with other professionals in the organization to identify opportunities to automate, monitor, test and deploy effective software and technology solutions. Successful candidates are committed to learning new processes and technologies that will help improve business operations.

what devops engineer jobs entail

DevOps jobs tend to be fast paced and high stress environments. Expect to work long hours and even some evenings and weekends as deployment deadlines approach. You will typically work in an office environment. Occasionally, you may be able to work from home. Expect some travel to be part of your role. In most cases, you will report to and work collaboratively with a project manager or business partner.

average devops engineer salaries

Professionals working as operations development engineers in Canada can expect an average annual salary of just over $70,000 per year. To start, you can expect a salary of about $55,000 per year. With experience, you can make up to $100,000 annually. Specializing in cloud computing and Chef (Opscode) can help increase your earning potential. Bonuses and employee benefits are also commonly included in compensation packages.

your day to day tasks

Depending on the projects you are working on, you may jump around from task to task. Some common parts of your job may include:

  • assessing the need for new internal processes
  • developing, planning, and creating software programs and processes
  • market research
  • aligning tech and business objectives
  • troubleshooting issues
  • assessing tech options
  • working with vendors and solution providers
  • ensuring systems and processes operate efficiently
  • meeting and collaborating with key decision makers

where you can work

DevOps professionals are increasingly being used by companies of all sizes in industries across Canada. Opportunities are frequently found with technology based companies, but roles are also found with forward thinking companies that utilize technology to maximize performance and results.

what you bring to the table

Operations development engineers have a diverse skill set, including a mix of business, technology and IT skills. Companies are looking for candidates with experience with:

  • open source tools
  • software development and deployment
  • process engineering
  • code testing
  • cloud computing
  • data and information management
  • automation scripting
  • Chef (Opscode), Python, Linux
  • continuous integration (CI)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

training and certifications

Candidates for operations development specialist positions are required to have a computer science degree. Degrees in engineering, computer software development and information technology are also acceptable. Experience in an OpsDev role or similar is an asset. Computer software certification is also an asset.

where your career is headed

One of the unique things about a career in operations development is there is no formal career path. Many who work in operations development do so for the long term, working on a variety of different projects. Many also move on to related roles in software development and other technical roles. Since the role continues to evolve and the value of the role increases within organizations, expect more opportunities to develop in the future.

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