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In 2017 there were 26,087 forklift operator jobs in Montreal, down just 0.5% from 2016. Montreal, like much of Canada, has been negatively effected by averse economic conditions, although a demand for skilled forklift operators is still present.

forklift operator wages in montreal

Forklift operators in Montreal are paid the least compared to other major Canadian cities. This follows a pattern across all jobs and industries due to the generally lower cost of living in Montreal.

Entry level salary (hourly): $13.3 to $15.5
Intermediate salary (hourly): $14.7 to 17.3
Senior salary (hourly): $16.1 to $18.8

top industries for forklift operators in montreal

In Montreal, the top industries hiring forklift operators are:

  1. employment services
  2. warehousing
  3. food wholesalers
  4. building materials
  5. general trucking

in demand skills in montreal

If you are looking for work as a forklift operator in Montreal, it would help to have the following skills:

  • forklift skills
  • bilingual
  • ISO 9000
  • lift trucks skills
  • question interchange profile (QUIP)

next steps for forklift operators

For forklift operators, you can continue working with forklifts and related equipment. As you become more proficient, you can seek out further training in different industry areas to expand your skills. You may also be able to move onto roles such as warehouse supervisor or similar leadership jobs in your field.

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