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Machinists are a specialized skilled trade. They work primarily within the manufacturing industry and play an important role making sure machinery, tools, and equipment are working optimally. Machinists are strong troubleshooters and have extensive knowledge of working with all types of machinery. Currently, there are just over 1,000 machinist jobs in Montreal. This number is down slightly, just over 6% since 2007. With the number of jobs decreasing, it’s important for machinists to have the proper skills and experience to compete for available positions.

machinist salaries in Montreal

Machinists are paid comparably to other similar skilled trades. Machinists with strong experience and knowledge can make more than $50,000 per year. Here are the average hourly rates for machinists in Montreal:

Entry level salary: $18.10 - $21.80
Intermediate salary: $19.80 - $23.80
Senior salary: $21.40 - $25.70

top industries for machinists in Montreal

Even though machinists most commonly work in a manufacturing setting, there are jobs available based on the established industries in the region. In Montreal, here are the top industries where machinists can find jobs:

  1. Aerospace manufacturing
  2. Machine shops and manufacturing
  3. Rail transportation
  4. Machinery and equipment repair and maintenance
  5. Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing

in demand skills in Montreal

Machinists are known for manual dexterity, problem solving skills, and their knowledge of machinery. You also need many other skills to be a well-rounded candidate. Here are the top in demand skills in Montreal:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Technical support
  • Milling machines
  • Surface grinders
  • Forklifts

next steps for machinists

Machinists naturally move into more senior roles. Some take on supervisory or management roles, while others move into education. Increasingly, machinists are upgrading their skills to qualify as CNC machinists.

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