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Millwrights are highly skilled tradesmen and craftsmen who work in a variety of different industries and job sites such as construction sites and factories. In Vancouver in 2017, 809 individuals worked as millwrights. This number of workers is virtually the same as the previous year, suggesting that the market for millwrights in Vancouver is holding steady.  

millwright salaries in vancouver

Salaries for millwrights generally reflect the number of years of experience you have in the field. For millwrights who have just begun an apprenticeship and are working for the first time, the hourly wage in Vancouver generally starts at $24.30 an hour. With practice and years of experience, you can expect an increase in salary that caps at around $35.40 an hour. The following is an outline of millwright salaries in Vancouver based on years of experience:

Entry level salary: $ 24.30 - 29.10
Intermediate salary: $ 27.10 - 32.40
Senior salary: $ 29.60 - 35.40

top industries for millwrights in vancouver

If you are interested in working as a millwright in Vancouver, there are a variety of different industries that require trained and passionate workers. The following are the top industries that require millwrights in Vancouver:

  • mining, oil and gas extraction
  • building equipment
  • metal ore mining
  • beverage manufacturing
  • bakeries

in demand skills in vancouver

There are many skills that stand out to employers when they are looking to hire millwrights. The following is a list of sills that stand out to these employers and can help you in your job search in Vancouver:

  • preventative maintenance
  • blueprints
  • pneumatic systems
  • welding equipment
  • furnaces

next steps for millwrights

To become a millwright in British Colombia, individuals are required to complete an apprenticeship program. Once this apprenticeship is complete, the individual is required to receive a passing grade on an exam upon which they will be certified as an apprentice. If you are interested in working as a millwright in Vancouver, you will have the opportunity to work in several different industries which will provide you will a variety of possible career paths.

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