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Receptionists are responsible for greeting clients, scheduling events, performing clerical and administrative tasks, and acting as a clear channel for communications. 2017 saw a 0.7% increase of receptionist jobs over the year prior, bringing the total to around 8,400.

receptionist salaries in calgary

Receptionists in Calgary among the best paid in all major Canadian cities. Receptionist jobs in Calgary typically came with the following salaries:

Entry level: $31,400 to $36,900
Intermediate: $34,000 to $39,900
Senior: $36,400 to $42,700

top industries for receptionists in calgary

Receptionists in Calgary typically work for a variety of businesses, including medical and healthcare practices, and offices. Some of the top-hiring industries include:

  1. offices of physicians
  2. offices of dentists
  3. personal care services
  4. employment services
  5. automobile dealers

in demand skills in calgary

Receptionists trying to stick out and find a job in Calgary are well-advised to have the following skills when applying:

  1. microsoft office
  2. voice mail systems
  3. security cameras
  4. multi-line telephone systems
  5. customer success

next steps for receptionists

Receptionists are essential to any office, as they provide key communication, organization, and administrative functions. Working as a receptionist, you’ll develop skills in interpersonal communication and management among many others. As your career progresses, you may want to consider pursuing a position in customer service, telecomm, marketing, or public relations.

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