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Receptionists are clerical workers essential for the efficiency of an office or practice. They point clients in the right direction, relay important communication to clients and colleagues, and are critical to administration, organization, and planning. Receptionist jobs saw a slight decline in Montreal in 2017, having decreased in size by 1.5% from 2016, totaling approximately 14,000 jobs.

receptionist salaries in montreal

Receptionist salaries in Montreal are only slightly less compared to those in other major Canadian cities, which is a positive considering the lower cost of living there. On average, salaries were:

Entry level: $29,100 to $34,000
Intermediate: $31,400 to $36,700
Senior: $33,600 to $39,300

top industries for receptionists in montreal

In Montreal, the predominant employers of receptionists are private medical practices and other health-related centers. The most common employers of receptionists include:

  1. offices of dentists
  2. offices of physicians
  3. general medical and surgical hospitals
  4. personal care services
  5. offices of other health professionals

in demand skills in montreal

Receptionists with the following skills will certainly have an advantage in their search for jobs:

  1. bilingual
  2. microsoft office
  3. quality assurance
  4. customer relationship management (CRM)
  5. hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)

next steps for receptionists

Receptionists are key in any office or workplace, and as they develop experience, there will be opportunities to move their career forward and take on new responsibilities. The skills you develop as a receptionist will be applicable to a variety of roles, including customer service, marketing, telecomm, and public relations.

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