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Receptionists fulfill clerical, administrative, scheduling, and customer-relation tasks, and are a crucial component to any office or workplace. In Vancouver, there were approximately 17,500 receptionist jobs, a 4.8% increase over the number from 2016.

receptionist salaries in vancouver

Receptionists in Vancouver are paid salaries similar to those found in other major Canadian cities. On average, Vancouver receptionists earned the following salaries:

Entry level: $31,300 to $36,600
Intermediate: $33,700 to $39,500
Senior: $36,100 to $42,300

top industries for receptionists in vancouver

Receptionists in Vancouver are most commonly employed in private healthcare practices and similar medical institutions. The most frequent employer of receptionists are:

  1. offices of physicians
  2. offices of dentists
  3. personal care services
  4. general medical and surgical hospitals
  5. offices of other health practitioners

in demand skills in vancouver

If you are searching for receptionist jobs in Vancouver, these skills will help make you stand out and find your optimal job.

  1. microsoft office
  2. multiline switchboards
  3. receipt books
  4. paging systems
  5. spreadsheet software

next steps for receptionists

Receptionists are key to the efficiency and organization of any office or workplace, and the skills and experience you’ll develop in the role will be valuable and applicable to many other jobs. Receptionists may opt to follow a career path in marketing, public relations, or customer service, all of which make use of similar skills.

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