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In Toronto in 2017, there were approximately 20,346 individuals working as software developers. This is a 3.6% from the number of people working as software developers from 2016, showing that there is a a strong market for tech professionals with coding skills. Given the omnipresence of technology in our daily lives, this should come as no surprise! We expect there to be steady growth in the market for software developers in Toronto over the next decade plus.

software developer salaries in toronto

In Toronto, software developers are paid very well compared to other cities in Canada. The more experience you have working in this field, the more you will get paid. Here’s what Software developers can expect to make at each level of experience on average in Toronto:

Entry level salary: $73,400 - $97,000
Intermediate salary: $ 84,300 - $113,000
Senior salary: $ 96,900 - $128,000

top industries for software developers in toronto

The top industries in Toronto that require software developers include:

  1. computer systems design
  2. credit companies
  3. software publishing
  4. video industries
  5. data processing

in demand skills in toronto

If you are interested in working as a software developer in Toronto, here’s a handful of useful skills that employers look for when hiring software developers:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Linux

next steps for software developers

There are a variety of different paths that your career may take as a software developer in Toronto. If you’re looking to work as a software developer in Toronto, the most common first step is to become a junior software developer. From there, you may find yourself moving up into a senior developer job, and eventually into greater leadership roles such as an IT manager or an ITproject manager.

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