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Quality assurance testers (often shortened to QA testers) test and evaluate the performance of software, applications, and other systems in the pre-launch stage of development. As a quality assurance tester, you help your employer find and address problems with software, applications and other products before they are released to the public.

As a QA tester, you are part of the quality assurance initiative, and therefore your mandate is to ensure that products, software, and updates are clear of technical issues and design flaws. QA testers play an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction, by foreseeing issues and proposing solutions prior to the product reaching customers.

what quality assurance tester jobs entail

As a QA tester, you work in an office environment as part of a team. You may report to a supervisor who leads your quality assurance team, or you may report directly to an IT leader, such as a project manager or IT manager. Though you probably work standard full-time hours, you may occasionally be called upon to work nights or weekends if project launch looms. Your job as a quality assurance tester is most critical in this pre-launch stage.

average quality assurance tester salaries

Average QA tester salaries in Canada range from about $50,000, to $70,000 once you have 5+ years of on the job experience. You can expect to make a starting salary in the low to mid-$50,000 range in most Canadian cities and increase your earning potential with experience.

As with many tech and IT jobs, the starting salary range for QA tester jobs dips slightly lower in Montreal, but is otherwise consistent across the country, indicating a strong need for QA testers throughout the country. This is a field with lots of opportunity for advancement into other related tech and IT positions, which can mean a boost in earning potential down the road.

your day to day tasks

As a QA tester, you find and document performance issues with software, applications and other products created by your company. In addition to spotting bugs, you evaluate design and functionality of the software or application, keeping in mind the end user.

Your efforts ensure design quality, functionality, and reliability in all the software and applications produced by your employer. You're the last line of defense before your company launches products to customers, so your thoroughness and attention to detail are critical. In your role as quality assurance tester, you may:

  • evaluate software applications
  • develop software testing plans
  • document performance issues
  • install and configure software and hardware
  • execute testing and analyze the results

where you can work

As a QA tester, you most likely work in the IT industry, at a company that produces software or other applications. Other opportunities that require your expertise can include testing web-based solutions, or working with  companies to implement and debug internal software.

QA testers are often hired to coincide with important projects that need to be thoroughly evaluated and debugged. As such, you may find there a lot of the job opportunities for QA testers are contract-based.

what you bring to the table

Knowledge of coding languages and experience using industry-standard software and platforms can increase your earning potential. In addition to technical skill and an educational background in computer science, some other skills you have include:

  • extremely thorough and detail-oriented
  • ability to spot and analyze problems quickly and efficiently
  • well-versed in using computers and mobile devices
  • understanding of the principles of UI/UX
  • strong communication, both written and verbal

training and certifications

While some QA testers are self-taught, most employers require a diploma or degree in a tech-related field such as computer science or engineering.

In addition to formal education, there are many certifications you can obtain in various coding languages and software applications. Though these aren't required for most quality assurance tester jobs, they are attractive to hiring managers and can help make your application stand out.

where your career is headed

Most organizations and businesses are dependent on technology. Those that aren’t... well, they will be soon, if they want to be competitive. That's good news for you, because software and technology companies rely on your expertise to deliver high-quality products. With the never-ending demand for the newest and most advanced software and apps, there's also demand for QA testers.

You'll find that with your technical skill, there will be opportunities to move into other IT jobs such as analyst or developer roles. Depending on your career objectives, you can also set your sights on supervisory roles.

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