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What welders bring to the table cannot be replaced by technology. Choosing a career as a welder means choosing a secure career with lots of room to grow. In Vancouver in 2017, 818 individuals were working as welders. This number is a 2.6% increase from the previous year. This shows a trend towards greater availability and openings for welder jobs in Vancouver.

welder salaries in vancouver

Welders in Canada typically make a per hour rate. In Vancouver, a junior welder can expect a starting salary ranging from $21.30 - $25.50 per hour. This rate will increase based on the number of years of experience you obtain as a welder. The following is the average wage you will earn at the entry, intermediate and senior levels while working as a welder in Vancouver.

Entry level salary: $21.30 - 25.50
Intermediate salary: $23.20 - 27.70
Senior salary: $24.90 -29.80

top industries for welders in vancouver

Many industries in Vancouver and British Colombia require experienced welders. Some of these industries include construction and factory environments where welders will find themselves working with metal goods and heavy machinery. The industries in Vancouver that need welders most are:

  1. machinery maintenance
  2. mining and oil and gas extraction
  3. foundation and building contractors
  4. employment services
  5. manufacturing of metal goods

in demand skills in vancouver

In any job, being highly skilled is an advantage. As a welder, the broader your skill set, the more opportunities will be opened to you. Knowing what skills that employers value in Vancouver can give you a significant advantage in securing a position as a welder. The most in demand skills that employers are looking for from welders in Vancouver are knowledge related to:

  • welding equipment
  • soldering equipment
  • blueprints
  • cutting equipment
  • shaping machines

next steps for welders

Welders generally require a high school diploma with added value placed on the completion of an apprenticeship program. The more experience and training you have as a welder, the more valuable you will be to potential employers. Training and advanced skills will give you a leg up in the labour market. With 5+ years of experience, welders in Vancouver can progress into senior and leadership roles.

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