Digital transformation is one of the year’s biggest buzzwords. With the pandemic shifting many workplaces into a remote setting and purchasing decisions being made online more than ever, digital tools have never been more crucial for businesses. That’s led to a huge push to ‘digitize’ businesses. While digital transformation can create efficiencies and enhance business performance when done right, many businesses make the mistake of thinking of business transformation as a ‘tech project’ and neglect to think about the change management required to help their employees adapt and make the most of the transformation. 

Randstad Canada’s Dominic Levesque authored an opinion piece that explores digital transformation and how to take a more people-focused approach. In it, Dominic discusses:

starting with the right mindset

Successful digital transformation begins with shifting your mindset, not choosing what tech to use. As Dominic says, “approach technology as an enabler” rather than thinking of it as your end goal.

the importance of upskilling

Digital transformation without upskilling and training your workforce is a half-measure. Dominic explains how upskilling your team and helping them evolve alongside your digital tools is key to a successful business transformation.

the impact on your culture

Change, even positive change, is a challenge most people. Dominic explores how being clear and transparent about your digital transformation and how it will impact employees is critical to ensure a smooth launch and ensure your employer brand remains intact.

dominic deep dives into each of these issues in the full white paper. read it now for more in-depth insights to guide your successful digital transformation.

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