Twenty years ago when I was hitting my stride in the workforce, I was driven, competitive and engaged — more than anything I’m certain I was a challenge to manage.

Every generation has its own set of values, aspirations, and characteristics. Boomers were driven to build institutions and thrive while growing up in the largest cohort of human births in the history of the world. Generation X withstood economic turmoil to innovate with the nascent technologies that are driving the world’s economy today. Generation Y’s innovations and influence is already being felt, as well as their demands for good work, good pay and great work life balance.

Now, Generation Z is joining the workforce, with their quest for making the world a better place and their drive to be their own boss. With all these generations working together, come bias, stereotypes and perceptions that can hinder a productive working relationship. But we can make the most of our differences simply by initiating an open dialogue, and the good news is that this is exactly what the younger generation is thirsty for.

Getting to know Gen Z Like the generation before them, this fresh young cohort places significant value on companies that are socially responsible and are making a positive contribution to their communities.

In a survey conducted by Randstad Canada 87% of respondents revealed it was important for them to work for a company that gives back to community, with specific focus on creating new jobs locally, rewarding employees for community service and closing the gender divide in the workplace.

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