In a competitive marketplace, many companies spend thousands, even millions, developing their brands. But today’s brand buzzwords — authentic, transparent, engaging — apply just as well to companies’ employer brands as they do to their customer brands.
Employer branding is the perception of your organization as an employer. It influences employees’ decisions to join your business and gives existing employees a reason to stay and grow. The question is, are companies paying as much attention to how prospective employees view them as they should?

People on the job hunt are less impressed with your bottom line than you are. At least that’s the message emerging from a survey recently released by Randstad Canada as part of its annual employer-focused Randstad Award.

While job seekers are quick to cite financial health, strong management and good training as attributes they associate with the country’s largest employer brands, these are not the things they want to see when looking for the right fit. Salary and benefits tops the list at 70 per cent, with long-term job security (53 per cent) and a pleasant work environment (50 per cent) being important to more than half of Canadian job seekers. Money talks, and being nice can’t hurt either.

With nearly one in five employed Canadians actively looking to switch jobs in the next year, companies would do well to polish up their employer brands to enhance their attractiveness to the country’s best talent.

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