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We're Canada's largest and most experienced IT recruitment agency. Our team brings  30 years of recruitment expertise with a focus in tech. As specialists, we're experts in everything to do with IT and tech jobs. Job seekers and employers trust our experience, market knowledge, and global reach.

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Whether you're looking for a job or hiring someone for your team, our dynamic recruiters have the expertise you need to build your network. We excel at connecting job seekers and like-minded employers. Beyond simply matching technical skills and experience, we believe finding the right 'fit' is paramount when building successful work relationships.

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we have an 88% fill rate on exclusive contracts and a 98% retention rate

how we help employers

We help find, hire and retain the talent your team needs to thrive. As specialists focused on tech jobs, we know tech jobs inside out. This ensures we deliver exceptional candidates in fields like DevOps, big data, mobile, IoT and cloud computing. From short-term contracts to shaping your team on a permanent basis, we deliver reliable recruitment solutions. When your business is flourishing, we've done our job right.

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You're ambitious and innovative. You deserve to work for a company that shares those values. As tech experts whose focus is helping IT professionals find jobs, we can show you how to market your strengths to employers. Our success is built on getting to know you and learning about your goals, experiences, and personality. With this advantage, we help thousands find the right job fit each year.

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our recruiters are dedicated to helping you find a job that's the right fit for you based on your skills, experience and job history


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