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It probably comes as no surprise that job seekers list salary as their number one consideration when looking for a new job. In order to capture the attention of talent in any industry, it's essential that your company offers competitive salaries that accurately reflect employees' job title, location and experience level.

With Randstad's 2017 salary guides, you'll have instant access to the detailed information you need to make important compensation and hiring decisions. Our 2017 salary guides helpfully sort salary data based on industry, job title, location and years of experience, providing you with a clear picture of compensation trends across Canada.

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Our in-depth salary guides are sorted by job title, location and experience level. With this detailed information at your fingertips, it's easy to spot emerging hiring trends in your industry.

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Above and beyond making fair offers to new hires, an up-to-date compensation structure is instrumental to retaining key members of your team. Learn how to fairly compensate long-term employees.

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What roles are most in demand in your industry? What sectors are growing, and which are declining? Are there certain jobs where salaries are on the rise? We share these insights and more.