There are several factors spurring today’s highly competitive job market. First, the ongoing labour shortage is leaving many employers short-staffed, which is putting a strain on their current workers. This factor is forcing employers to hire at a faster rate or risk losing prime candidates. Secondly, the growing skills shortage has only grown more problematic since the pandemic. Employers can no longer rely on the ability to find the qualified talent they need in the general job market. Instead, employers have started to invest more in upskilling and retraining their current workers to secure the skills they need. Finally, the ‘Great Resignation' is pushing employers to focus on retention and attraction simultaneously.

The reality is that the only way employers can hope to maintain the strong workforce they need to move into a post-pandemic market is to prioritize both employee retention and hiring new talent.

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Based on our vast experience working with Canadian job seekers and extensive research, our experts at Randstad know that one of the most effective ways for employees to improve both retention rates and hiring outcomes is to build a strong compensation and salary package. We also understand that employees’ expectations have shifted dramatically during the pandemic.

To better understand these emerging expectations, we recently surveyed over 1,000 Canadian workers in both blue-collar and white-collar roles with Ipsos. The insights gained from this research have allowed us to identify key areas of importance for today’s workers.

For example, we learned that one out of three blue-collar workers and one out of five white-collar workers changed jobs over the last 12 months. Out of these blue-collar workers, two out of three changed jobs for improve salary opportunities. While the results showed us that salaries remain the top priority for workers, they are also concerned with the types of benefits offered, such as flexible hours, career advancement opportunities and job security.

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For your organization to remain competitive in today’s dynamic and fast-moving job market,  it’s crucial to develop an attractive benefits package for your employees. While it can be difficult to understand the shifts in the job market and how they align with workers’ expectations, this is where we can help. The combination of our years of experience and our newest insights into the priorities of Canadian workers allows us to help you create a strong compensation and benefits package that drives results and reduces your turnover rates.

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